Sonarics Breaks $25 Barrier with High-Performance DAB Radio Design

9/5/2003 - Sonarics Labs, the source for digital radio products, unveils its CSM1 DAB ready reference design at IFA 2003 Consumer Electronics show. CSM1 breaks the DAB module cost barrier of $25, enabling digital radio manufacturers to advance towards high-performance, cost-effective products.

This achievement was made possible by Sonarics’ unique technology for implementing the radio in software on a low-cost general-purpose DSP. The chip used in CSM1 is from the Analog Devices BlackfinTM DSP family and sells for less than US $5. Sonarics software enables key radio features required by modern electronic device consumers, including DAB Band III and L-Band reception, MP3 playback from MMC and digital sound recording.

“We are excited to be part of the digital radio revolution by enabling the transition from early-adopter market to mass-market”, commented Ben Gagin, Sonarics’ President and CEO . “The current version of CSM1 is already raising a huge interest among the manufacturers of digital radios”, he added.

Sonarics’ new reference design is aimed at manufacturers of the next generation of low-cost, high-performance digital radios. It enables swift engineering and production cycle.

CSM1 is available now. At IFA 2003 it is on display at IMDR booth 202, hall 5.2.

About Sonarics
Sonarics develops and markets a complete digital radio receiver solution on a single chip. This chip integrates a digital radio baseband and an audio player, supporting a variety of broadcasting formats and state of the art sound processing. Manufacturers of digital radio receivers are also offered a reference design, for fast engineering and production cycle.

Sonarics’ products are aimed at the manufacturers of the next generation of portable radios, car radios, hi-fi systems and alarm radios. More information can be found at

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Blackfin is a trademark of Analog Devices Inc.

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