Venturcom Unveils Innovative Solution for Client Data Security

9/5/2003 - Venturcom, Inc., a leading provider of ultra-secure PC remote boot and image management software and embedded solutions, announced BXP Secure, a unique solution that allows organizations with strict security requirements to effectively protect classified data. BXP Secure eliminates traditional desktop data security risks by moving the client hard disk image to a centrally managed and ultra-secure server and by encrypting all network communications. Designed to exceed the highest security standards, BXP Secure was developed to meet the strict requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

Because local storage devices can be easily removed from client workstations, data stored on the client is particularly vulnerable to theft or compromise. BXP Secure alleviates these risks by allowing client systems to operate without local persistent storage, yet still utilizes the client’s local processing power and peripherals. To ensure maximum security, BXP Secure uses 3DES 192-bit and IPSec encryption to establish direct, private communication between the client and the BXP Secure server.

“We are very excited to be able to fill this gap in the desktop security market with a solution designed to meet the rigorous standards of the NNSA,” said Richard J. Davis, Chairman, President and CEO of Venturcom. “Because BXP Secure alleviates a serious security risk and reduces an organization’s IT deployment and management costs, it is an ideal solution for any government or commercial entity whose top priority is to protect classified data.”

BXP Secure achieves exceptional performance via Gigabit Ethernet and IPSec offloading. Its central image storage and management functionality provides additional Total Cost of Ownership benefits by simplifying deployment and license management and by streamlining workstation repurposing and repair. Additionally, BXP Secure allows the organization to run existing applications without modification. These features reduce IT management costs and provide high-availability in mission-critical systems.

About Venturcom
Venturcom provides software solutions, tools, operating platforms, training, and services to government agencies, educational institutions, corporations, and designers of dedicated systems and equipment. Venturcom’s BXP family of solutions allow government agencies, educational institutions and corporations to secure desktops and reduce IT costs through remote boot and centralized management, configuration, and control of diskless client systems. Venturcom design tools and products provide a robust, solutions-oriented development environment spanning the medical, simulation, industrial automation, and network infrastructure markets.

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