Ironwood Offers ZIF Socket for Intel 1 mm Pitch ICs

9/4/2003 - Ironwood Electronics’ new high performance solderless SG-BGA-6085 and SG-BGA-6086 allow socketing of Intel BGA256L and BGA196L packaged IC’s and allow system operate at full speed. The socket is a precision device, which guides the IC to the exact position for connection of each ball and uses an aluminum compression screw to provide compressive force.

The socket is a solderless socket with 6.5 GHz bandwidth interconnects and accommodates the cavity down die of these two packages. The sockets use the same solder, gold, or silver pads to which the BGA can be soldered. The SG-BGA-6085 accepts a 17 mm IC with 1.0mm pitch with a 16X16 array. The SG-BGA-6086 is designed for a 15 mm body IC with 1mm pitch and a 14X14 array. Both sockets are designed for the cavity down Intel packages.

The sockets are only slightly larger than the IC requiring only 2.5mm perimeter around the IC. The aluminum socket body provides heatsinking capability. These patent pending ZIF sockets are simply mechanically mounted to the target PCB.

Pricing for the socket SG-BGA-6085 is $312.75 at quantity 100 and Sg-BGA-6086 is $268.50 at quantity 100.

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