Lantronix Provides Network Connectivity Solution for Bosch Security

9/3/2003 - Lantronix(R), Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX) announced that Bosch Security Systems, a leading manufacturer of electronic protection products, has selected Lantronix' award-winning XPort(TM) embedded device server to provide network-enabling solutions for its highly available, highly secure alarm systems. An industry first, the thumb-sized XPort enables device manufacturers to embed a miniaturized network-communications server and website directly into the same space as a standard Ethernet connector.

A long-time Lantronix customer, Bosch is integrating XPort into its alarm panels to provide faster response to alarms, allow more effective incident tracking and enable faster programming and management of the panels. According to Steven Kovacsiss, product manager at Bosch Security Systems, the primary reasons for selecting XPort were the unit's compact size, the ease with which XPort was "dropped" into the alarm-panel design and the onboard encryption capability for secure communications.

"We are very excited that customers such as Bosch have such an easy time integrating XPort into their product designs. These successes validate our mandate for the product, which is to enable device manufacturers to reduce the engineering risk and cost associated with adding networking capabilities to their products," said Geoff Boyce, executive vice president of marketing at Lantronix.

The XPort embedded device server, a complete network-enabling solution enclosed within a ruggedized RJ-45 package, empowers device manufacturers to quickly, easily and cost-effectively add Ethernet networking capabilities to their products. Everything designers need to add network connectivity is incorporated into XPort's compact design, including:

"With XPort, our customers realize they do not need to spend upwards of 48 'person-months' and hundreds of thousands of dollars in development time becoming an expert on Ethernet and writing an IP stack when they can simply purchase an integrated solution from us," said Boyce.

The ease of integration and the reduced development time to add network connectivity to its alarm panels were the significant deciding factors for Bosch in choosing XPort. "Our engineers thought it would take two years to create a network connectivity solution, be very expensive and take us away from our core competency of manufacturing alarm systems," said Kovacsiss. "Within one afternoon after receiving the development kit, we had XPort working on the same integrated circuit board where another network connectivity solution with a larger footprint had been. Within two weeks, we had our boards shrunk to a much smaller size and XPort onboard to network-enable our products. The integration happened that quickly."

Having XPort provide network connectivity for its alarm panels opens a wide range of opportunities for Bosch's alarm products. First, 10/100Mb Ethernet switching capability has become a customer requirement for many of Bosch's customers, and XPort offers operational flexibility between the two Ethernet standards for easier integration into a widely dispersed network. Second, the dramatically smaller footprint of XPort enables Bosch to shrink the overall footprint of its products, which is appealing to its customers because of a lower power consumption rate. Third, network connectivity through XPort reduces the time it takes to program Bosch's alarm panels from 10-15 minutes over telnet down to as little as 90 seconds, due to the faster connection. Finally, as Bosch and its customers "acclimate" to the XPort feature set such as onboard memory, they will begin to develop customized Web-based software applications to further enhance the functionality and value of the product.

Kovacsiss states that XPort's secure communications through 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption was critical in the selection process. The highly secure nature of alarms requires tight security, and XPort put Bosch ahead of its competitors because AES encryption is built into the product. "Frankly, our competitors are behind the curve with regard to security because they are trying to code the encryption themselves," noted Kovacsiss. "With XPort, we have been able to get our alarm panels to market months ahead of the competitors and have not had to sacrifice functionality or security in the process."

XPort Development Kit
XPort Development Kits are available to provide a quick and cost-effective way to evaluate the product. The kit can enable manufacturers to jumpstart their development work by providing the following items: a circuit board assembly with the XPort, a power supply, configuration options, status LEDs and an RS232 serial interface for an easy connection to a PC. A reset circuit with a push-button reset, status LEDs and a timer circuit are also available. For more information on receiving a XPort Development Kit, please contact Lantronix at 800-526-8764.

About Bosch Security Systems
Bosch Security Systems is a leading supplier of equipment to the electronic protection industry. The company designs, manufactures and markets electronic detection, control and communication equipment around the world for security, fire protection, access control, closed circuit television and personnel and asset tracking applications. For more information on the company, contact Bosch Security Systems at 800-289-0096 or visit

About Lantronix, Inc.
Lantronix, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX) is a provider of hardware and software solutions ranging from systems that allow users to remotely manage network infrastructure equipment to technologies that network-enable devices and appliances. Lantronix was established in 1989, and its worldwide headquarters are in Irvine, Calif. For more information, visit the company on the Internet at

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