Broadcom SiByte Broadband Processor Secures 100+ Designs

8/13/2003 - Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), the leading provider of silicon solutions enabling broadband communications, announced that it has secured more than 100 designs for the Broadcom® SiByteTM BCM1250, a state-of-the-art integrated dual MIPS64TM processor designed to perform complex network and storage protocol processing tasks. The BCM1250 has been designed into a wide variety of high-volume, high-performance applications including enterprise routers, Layer 4-7 server switches and appliances, storage area network (SAN) switches, iSCSI/multi-protocol storage appliances, 2.5G/3G wireless service nodes, and virtual private network (VPN)/firewall/intrusion detection gateways, now shipping from leading communications and networking original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

"The BCM1250 processor, which has been shipping in volume for more than a year, establishes Broadcom as a pioneer and leader in broadband single-chip multi-processor solutions with its industry-leading performance, low power and integration," said David Kranzler, Senior Director of Broadcom’s Broadband Processor Line of Business. "Our SiByte processors have enabled leading equipment vendors to achieve clearly differentiated products through superior system performance, increased board density and lower overall system cost."

"Enterprise customers are demanding a single platform to solve their remote office networking and security challenges, and reduce operational costs," said Demetri Fanourgiakis, Vice President Routing Security & Mobility Engineering, Enterasys Networks. "Enterasys' next generation XSR-3000 and XSR-4000 series Security Routers leverage Broadcom's BCM1250, a highly integrated 64-bit MIPS multi-processor, to deliver high-performance, secure networking solutions. XSR Security Routers meet the future connectivity and scalability requirements of information-driven organizations, while extending the security perimeter to every branch and regional office."

BCM1250 Design Wins: A Broad Range of Applications
The SiByte processor is the processor of choice for a wide variety of companies, attesting to the performance and flexibility of its architecture. The symmetric multi-processing capability of the BCM1250 makes it particularly well suited for handling both control/exception processing and high-touch data plane applications that benefit from a flexible software programming model.

The following is a partial list of applications currently using the BCM1250 processor:

Highly Integrated Dual-Core Processor
The BCM1250 integrates two 64-bit MIPS® CPU cores, on-chip 512KB L2 cache, a fast 256-bit wide internal bus, three 10/100/1000 Ethernet media access controllers (MACs), a PCI interface, and a HyperTransportTM interface within a single device. An on-chip dual-channel 64-bit 200 MHz DDR memory controller provides more than 50 Gigabits per second (Gbps) memory bandwidth, more than doubling the bandwidth of its closest competitor. Using just one of the two CPUs within the BCM1250, routers and switches requiring maximum performance can perform Layer 3 forwarding at rates in excess of 5 million packets per second and Layer 4 TCP processing at rates in excess of 4 Gbps. This contrasts with competitive solutions that achieve only fractional Gbps rates when performing TCP processing.

Software efficiency and performance comes from a unique, superscalar architecture that processes up to four instructions in parallel on each 64-bit MIPS CPU. On-board hardware support for complicated operations such as the generation and verification of TCP/UDP/IP checksums or cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs) enables the CPU cores to focus on value-added higher layer protocol processing. The large shared L2 cache optimizes performance by dynamically allocating cache resources based upon the applications running on each CPU. Hardware-maintained coherency between CPUs, caches, memory and I/O enables the BCM1250 to offer an unparalleled combination of programming ease and software flexibility (e.g., multi-threaded applications or different applications – such as control plane and data plane – can be run simultaneously across both CPU cores).

In addition to offering the highest integration and highest performance, each SiByte SB-1 core dissipates less than 3 Watts when running at 800 MHz, providing an industry-leading performance-to-power ratio. Facilitating rapid system development is an extensive set of fully supported firmware and development tools for Linux®, VxWorks®, NetBSDTM and QNX® operating systems.

Synergy Across the Broadcom Portfolio
The SiByte family of processors complements Broadcom's StrataXGSTM multi-layer Gigabit Ethernet switches, CalistoTM Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), CryptoNetXTM Internet Protocol security (IPsec) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security processors, 54gTM wireless LAN products, Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) chipsets, and physical layer (PHY) transmission products to create the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of products for the networking and Internet infrastructure markets.

Pricing and Availability
The 600 MHz BCM1250 is currently shipping and is priced at $399 in quantities of 10,000 units. The Broadcom BCM91250A ATX evaluation platform and the BCM91250E full-length PCI evaluation card are available now.

About Broadcom
Broadcom Corporation is the leading provider of highly integrated silicon solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video and data services. Using proprietary technologies and advanced design methodologies, Broadcom designs, develops and supplies complete system-on-a-chip solutions and related hardware and software applications for every major broadband communications market. Our diverse product portfolio includes solutions for digital cable and satellite set-top boxes; cable and DSL modems and residential gateways; high-speed transmission and switching for local, metropolitan, wide area and storage networking; home and wireless networking; cellular and terrestrial wireless communications; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway and telephony systems; broadband network processors; and SystemI/OTM server solutions. These technologies and products support our core mission: Connecting everything®.

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