RTI's NDDS Middleware Gets in Middle of BAE SYSTEMS F-35 Fighter

8/7/2003 - RTI announced BAE SYSTEMS Information & Electronic Warfare Systems (IEWS), a major producer of aircraft self-protection systems, has selected RTI's NDDS publish-subscribe middleware for their electronic warfare suite development on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. BAE SYSTEMS needed commercial-off-the-shelf middleware to simplify their real-time distributed system development. NDDS's standards-based, publish-subscribe communications model fit their real-time data distribution needs.

BAE SYSTEMS, like many real-time system developers, is developing a system in which data, and not objects, needs to be efficiently distributed. "Data distribution is a critical component of distributed real-time systems like the simulators and avionics BAE SYSTEMS develops," says Brett Murphy, Vice President, Distributed Systems at RTI. "For example, distributed control systems with large amounts of data to send back-and-forth between nodes are inherently data-centric. A node on the network sends data updates to controllers, loggers, or other recipients on the network. The publish-subscribe communications model in NDDS is ideal for these systems. We're looking forward to working closely with BAE SYSTEMS on the F-35 JSF program."

Lockheed Martin is developing the stealthy, next-generation F-35 in conjunction with its principal partners, Northrop Grumman and BAE SYSTEMS.

NDDS Middleware and Tools
NDDS was specifically designed for distributed real-time applications. It provides an easy-to-use, efficient, publish-subscribe interface to the underlying operating system network and back-plane transports. Using NDDS, developers can focus on the application logic rather than networking code. This greatly simplifies the development of robust, multi-platform, distributed applications. In addition to NDDS middleware, RTI provides tools to analyze and debug NDDS distributed applications.

About RTI
RTI (Real-Time Innovations, www.rti.com) provides software tools, middleware, and professional services for distributed real-time systems and embedded applications. For over 10 years, the ScopeTools product line has been helping embedded system developers produce higher quality, more reliable solutions. The NDDS middleware and tools provide seamless communications and comprehensive tools for distributed, real-time system builders. The Constellation software platform provides a framework, ready-to-use components, and a graphical programming environment for building complex control systems.

BAE SYSTEMS IEWS information is available at www.iews.na.baesystems.com.

RTI, Real-Time Innovations, ScopeTools, NDDS and Constellation are registered trademarks or trademarks of Real-Time Innovations, Inc.

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