Rapport Technologies Ports Agent to MontaVista Linux

8/7/2003 - Rapport Technologies, Inc., an emerging leader in building the intelligent device management industry, announced its software “Agent” is now being ported to MontaVista Linux to facilitate and accelerate the software development process. MontaVista Linux is the umbrella name for a range of embedded software products targeted and optimized for specific markets, from communications infrastructure to consumer electronics. Combining Rapport’s device management technology with MontaVista Linux Professional Edition will create new development opportunities for the embedded market space. Rapport has also joined the MontaVista Partnering Program. This partnership with MontaVista gives developers ready access to support for a full range of intelligent devices and the technologies and applications that drive this rapidly growing industry.

“Our partnership with the innovative team at MontaVista means that software development for intelligent devices can move forward at a much more aggressive pace,” said manager of Strategic Software Alliances, Brett Pardikes, at Rapport Technologies headquarters in Carrollton, Texas. “Dynamic software development for intelligent devices means increased device capability for a wide assortment of customers and their applications. This alliance will help drive the embedded device industry forward, leading to an array of new device categories with an as-yet unidentified range of markets and capabilities. We continue to be excited about our leadership role in delivering universal management of wired and wireless intelligent devices from the center of the enterprise to the network’s edge.”

Embedding The Rapport Platform Expands MontaVista Software Solutions
“MontaVista Linux has been playing a key role in the embedded software systems revolution by enabling development of a range of products in a variety of markets, including industrial automation, routing and access equipment, internet appliances, home networking, as well as mobile phones and wireless handheld devices,” said Britta Fischlin, International Channel Marketing Manager, MontaVista Software “Together, we are enabling developers to expand their designs to include full-function control capability over virtually all device types. We are pleased to add Rapport to our list of partners whose talent and expertise help us to continue to grow and deliver ground-breaking opportunities to our customers and the software development community.”

Device agnostic, bandwidth efficient and scalable to over 1 million clients, Rapport Device Management delivers the industry’s smallest device management agent at a mere 80KB, while managing every layer from BIOS to OS to applications to configurations. “Software developers for all kinds of intelligent equipment and devices, from networking to wireless communications and countless other market spaces, rely on unique platform solutions, such as those from Rapport and MontaVista Software, that provide ever more sophisticated intelligent device control and management,” said Rapport’s Pardikes. “Working with MontaVista, Rapport Technologies is helping developers to streamline development costs, accelerate the time to market, and increase the level of sophistication in intelligent device control and management. We are very excited to be an essential part of today’s developer solutions.”

About Rapport Technologies
Rapport Technologies, Inc. is the industry standard for intelligent device management—from the center of the enterprise to the network’s edge. The company’s enterprise-scale software centrally manages a diverse and geographically-dispersed array of devices including thin clients, fixed-function terminals (bar code readers, kiosks, point-of-sale machines, set top boxes, etc.), smart phones and personal digital assistants– which make up the next generation of networked systems that must be intelligently managed in the complex, evolving enterprise IT landscape. Founded in 2002, a division of Wyse Technology, and headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, Rapport Technologies has managed hundreds of thousands of clients worldwide. For more information, visit www.rapporttechnologies.com.

Rapport is a trademark of Rapport Technologies, Inc.

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