XEMICS Unveils Reliable, Long Range ISM-band Transceiver

8/29/2003 - Engineers have long faced the challenge of designing ISM band solutions capable of achieving long range with high reliability. XEMICS has met this challenge with the introduction of the XE1203 ISM band transceiver which operates in the 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz ISM bands and offers a unique combination of features.

"Innovative power-saving features in the XE1203 such as pattern recognition within the received signal enable battery-powered applications to operate in excess of ten years before the battery requires replacing, making the XE1203 ideal for automatic meter reading and building automation applications" says Rob Whittaker, XEMICS' Wireless RF Business Unit Manager.

The XE1203 can transmit and receive data from 1.2 kbps right up to 153.2 kbps, RF output power can be programmed up to +15dBm (31.5mW) and the current consumption while in reception mode is 14mA. The on-chip frequency synthesizer ensures that the chip can handle multi-channel as well as frequency hopping spread-spectrum communications.

The XE1203 is capable of operating either in a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) mode or can take full advantage of the FCC part 15.247 ruling for operation as a DTS-compliant device. In a FHSS system the fast Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) switching time of approximately 60us translates to a direct competitive advantage in terms of scanning available channels and synchronization. To put this into perspective, the closest competitor to the XE1203 requires a PLL calibration of at least 10 milliseconds. As another alternative the XE1203 has been ruled by the FCC as a DTS-complaint device under Part 15.247 of the regulatory terms. By not having to frequency hop, the transmitter and receiver radios can reside on one channel indefinitely and radio synchronization is not required. Since transmitter and receiver on-time can be less than 5% compared to a FHSS radio, this is especially attractive for battery-powered applications.

The XE1203 offers a powerful combination of features and is also available as the heart of an ETSI-compliant or FCC-compliant module solution. Design and layout files are also available directly from XEMICS to support low-risk RF layout implementation and reduce time to market.

At prices as low as $2.60 in million pieces quantities, the XE1203 is competitively priced whilst offering no-compromise performance.

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