Xiran, Sun Lower Content Delivery Cost with Partnership

8/27/2003 - Xiran, a division of SimpleTech, Inc. (Nasdaq: STEC), announced the highest performing streaming media server solution currently available for delivering rich media content. Incorporating Xiran's DPA1200-H streaming media accelerator card and Sun Microsystems' (Nasdaq: SUNW) Sun Fire(TM) V65x server improves Helix(TM) streaming media performance by up to 10X, offering a new level of cost efficiency, scalability and performance for Internet and content delivery service providers as well as corporate enterprises. The Helix platform combines extensive, proven digital software technology with a rich set of application interfaces. It empowers developers, information technology and consumer electronics companies to integrate digital media more easily and more extensively than has been previously possible.

"Xiran's patented DirectPath(TM) architecture accelerates the delivery of high quality live and on-demand streaming media broadcasts, while drastically reducing the cost-per-stream metric," said Tom Beaver, senior vice president and general manager for Xiran. "A single DPA-1200H accelerator card combined with our optimized version of Helix streaming media server software and integrated in the latest Sun server platform delivers in excess of 1500 streams at wire speed. RealNetworks, Microsoft, QuickTime and MPEG-4 formats are all served from the same Sun platform, offering additional significant benefits to content delivery providers."

"The openness and flexibility of the Xiran architecture running on the Sun platform, further strengthens our combined leadership in delivering a high performing, cost effective streaming media solution," said Manish Bhuptani, director, network services, worldwide market development, for Sun Microsystems, Inc. "This solution empowers enterprises -- small and large -- to integrate digital media more easily and more extensively than has previously been possible."

"Xiran-enabled Sun server platforms can lower the total cost of ownership for new and existing installations. We will continue to work closely with Sun's extensive OEM and VAR channel network to provide solutions for customer needs in both the current wired and emerging mobile infrastructures in the streaming media space," said Jeanclaude Toma, vice president of marketing and business development for Xiran.

Once introduced into a server PCI slot, the DPA-1200H accelerator provides a highly integrated, fully self-contained bridge between a Gigabit Ethernet network and server storage. The DPA-1200H accelerator's efficiency is achieved through a dedicated ASIC that offloads all protocol processing activities from the server, including RTP, RDT and MMS under TCP/IP and UDP/IP. Application Notes detailing the performance of the DPA-1200H accelerator card integrated into the Sun Fire V65x server can be found on Xiran's web site at: http://www.xiran.com/docs/DPA1200_SunV65x_Perf_Results.html

Xiran's Helix Streaming Media performance upgrade Kit including DPA-1200H card along with Helix Streaming Media Software, is currently being sampled, with volume production scheduled to begin in Q4 of 2003. MSRP is expected to begin at $19,995.

About Xiran
Xiran, a division of SimpleTech (Nasdaq: STEC), is a technology leader in developing advanced solutions for accelerating content delivery by servers between storage and networks at wire speeds. Located in Irvine, California, the company combines proprietary hardware, firmware and software to implement its DirectPath family of products and systems. These are aimed at improving Serverwidth and performance in several high growth markets ranging from streaming media and video-on-demand to emerging enterprise applications involving storage area networks. For more information, visit the company's website at www.xiran.com

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