MathWorks Provides Fixed-Income Building Blocks to Financial Pros

8/26/2003 - The MathWorks announced the availability of its new Fixed-Income Toolbox. This addition to The MathWorks family of products offers financial professionals the building blocks to develop customized fixed-income models faster, enabling financial institutions to make more informed business decisions and quickly react to ever changing market conditions.

A bootstrapped yield curve from treasury bond prices (left), standard prepayment functions (middle), and convertible bond price sensitivity to spread (right).

Built on MATLAB®, the new Fixed-Income Toolbox offers financial professionals more than 60 built-in functions for calculating bond prices, yields, and spreads. The toolbox provides functionality for working with derivatives, such as swaps, convertible bonds, and treasury futures, and supports many financial instruments, including mortgage-backed securities, corporate bonds, and treasury bills. By relying on the built-in functionality in the Fixed-Income Toolbox, users can save time developing complex, customized fixed-income models, and eliminate the need for extensive coding.

In addition to fixed-income functionality, The MathWorks provides data I/O tools that enable users to exchange data between MATLAB and various databases or Excel files, and download real-time information from financial data services such as Bloomberg.

"Many researchers working in the fixed-income area invest large amounts of time developing custom algorithms to analyze market data using tools such as Excel, C/C++, or Visual Basic," said Robert Quinn, financial products marketing manager, The MathWorks. "With the Fixed-Income Toolbox, The MathWorks provides the time-saving tools that enable research groups to create fixed-income models to suit their specific requirements."

The MathWorks family of financial products also includes the Financial Toolbox, Datafeed Toolbox, Financial Derivatives Toolbox, Garch Toolbox, Statistics Toolbox, and the Optimization Toolbox.

Pricing and Platform Availability
The Fixed-Income Toolbox is currently available on PC, Unix, Linux, and Mac platforms. Pricing for the Fixed-Income Toolbox starts at $1,000 U.S.

About The MathWorks
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