Compuware Improves Productivity for CollegeNET

8/26/2003 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) announced that CollegeNET used Compuware UNIFACE to help automate the processes and procedures that keep universities and other institutions of higher learning operating efficiently and cost effectively.

UNIFACE is Compuware’s environment for developing and deploying the largest and most complex applications. UNIFACE is designed to deliver business-critical applications for today's technology realities while providing a clear growth path for tomorrow.

CollegeNET chose UNIFACE for its component-based methodology and model-driven approach, allowing for quick adaptation to sweeping changes in process, structure and logic. With UNIFACE, CollegeNET’s developers were able to introduce a new generation of its scheduling product R25, to address the expanding needs of its university clients. CollegeNET’s developers can use UNIFACE to easily customize R25 to suit customers without affecting the underlying databases. As CollegeNET’s needs continue to evolve, it will also be able to modify R25 through UNIFACE’s multi-tier architecture.

“UNIFACE’s multi-tier architecture allows our developers to clearly and easily understand the B2B architecture, resulting in significant time savings,” said Andy Heydon, Vice President of Software Development, CollegeNET. “From a business perspective, the multi-tier concept is excellent because it leads to improved application scalability, performance and flexibility.”

UNIFACE also provides CollegeNET with the functionality to maintain and manage sophisticated applications throughout their life cycle. UNIFACE allows CollegeNET to build programs that not only meet current customer needs, but also grow with CollegeNET as schools get more sophisticated.

CollegeNET development methodology is an approach based on “Extreme Programming,” which is a set of values, principles and practices for rapidly developing high-quality software. This style of development revolves around small steps or releases with everyone--developers and customers alike--learning and discovering functionality as they go. Because each cycle is typically two to three weeks, team members never get a chance to veer completely off track. UNIFACE has been instrumental in CollegeNET’s ability to successfully employ Extreme Programming.

“UNIFACE’s model-driven approach really reduces the tedium and potential errors in making changes. It almost trivializes the mechanics of change so much so that management doesn’t have to squash it due to cost implications, and developers don’t suffer burnout from making change after change to the same component,” said Heydon.

“The ability to cater to the Extreme Programming methods of CollegeNet proves the capability of UNIFACE to implement the inevitable application changes that are part of the application life cycle,” said Adrian Gosbell, Product Manager, Compuware. “The costs of these changes are significantly reduced because of the model- driven, object-based architecture of UNIFACE.”

CollegeNET, Inc. ( is focused on providing technologies that save institutions money and improve educational access and affordability for citizens. The company provides innovations in event and academic scheduling, admissions, web-based tuition processing, prospect management, alumni development and email management to colleges, universities and nonprofits worldwide. More than 1,000 institutions including University of Washington, University of Kansas, Cal Tech, Case Western Reserve, and Virginia Tech now use CollegeNET e-solutions. The company is headquartered in Portland, Ore.

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