Kane Computing Offers BLACKfin DSP Boards for uCLinux

8/25/2003 - Kane Computing now have BLACKfinTM DSP boards running uCLinux.

Metroworks have recently announced the beta release of their BLACKfinTM 21535 uCLinux software port. The development hardware used for producing this software is the Hawk-35, manufactured by Momentum Data Systems and sold in Europe by Kane Computing.

The Hawk-35 is a PCI compliant plug in board that provides a fully functional general purpose OEM hardware or software development environment for the Analog Devices ADSP-21535 BLACKfinTM Digital Signal Processor.

As well as the 300MHz, 600 MMAC BLACKfinTM, the board features a PCI 2.2 compliant interface, 32MB SDRAM, USB connection, AC-97 (AD1885) audio codec, large boot and data flash (NAND), RS232 interface and an Asynch Memory Expansion bus for peripheral development.

Kane Computing also offers the Eagle-35 platform for standalone development. The Hawk-35 and Eagle-35 share the same hardware design, simplifying porting across different development environments.

The BLACKfinTM DSP processor core is a highly parallel, pipelined architecture that allows users to achieve the most work possible per cycle. For example, in one single execution cycle, the architecture supports the following:

By processing so much information per cycle, BLACKfinTM DSPs achieve very high-performance in the most intense signal-processing applications while minimising power consumption.

The BLACKfinTM DSPs represent a revolutionary change to the traditional trade-offs that programmers and system architects were forced to make in the past. BLACKfinTM DSPs incorporate the world’s first truly high-performance DSP combined with MCU control functionality all integrated into a single architecture that is easy to develop a system around.

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