Traquair Introduces Two FireWire Interface EVM Kits

8/22/2003 - Traquair Data Systems, Inc. announced two FireWire Interface EVM Kits, providing easy and ready to use mechanisms for streaming data from a parallel digital hardware interface to an IEEE 1394 network connection at up to 32Mbytes/sec. The two kits target developers and system integrators utilizing cameras, sensors, and embedded interface devices, seeking a low effort path for integration of hardware resources with FireWire.

The Parallel Bus to 1394 Bridging EVM Kit offers a ready to use data streaming solution that requires no software development, providing a least effort solution for integrating hardware devices with FireWire. It ideally suited to the hardware developer that does not have the time or interest in developing embedded FireWire interface software.

The Parallel Bus to 1394 Streaming Development EVM Kit provides the same data streaming capability, but offers a broader range of capabilities, by providing the means of programming on-board DSP and FPGA resources. Developers can exploit the onboard DSP to transform the EVM Kit into an embedded controller, and the FPGA to implement application specific device interfacing.

The EVM Kits target applications that require transmission of time critical data from a parallel bus hardware interface within embedded point-to-point connections, distributed networks, or between embedded systems and PCs. By providing ready to use FireWire integration capabilities, developers can avoid time consuming IEEE 1394 software development, focus on their application development, and reduce their time to market.

The Kits combine an UC1394a-1 multi-chip module with associated carrier board and desktop power supply boards, as well as an RS-232 configuration utility, and demonstration examples for isochronous and asynchronous communications.

The UC1394a-1multi-chip module is the active component that enables such an easy to use FireWire interface capability. It features a 2-port IEEE 1394a FireWire Interface, a Texas Instruments TMS320C5509 DSP Processor, Xilinx 50kGate Spartan®-II FPGA, 8MBytes SDRAM, and 512kBytes of FLASH ROM - all contained within a tiny 30mm x 36mm, 116 pin PLCC footprint. Developers utilizing the EVM kits can migrate their designs to incorporate the UC1394a-1 multi-chip-module directly, as a low cost FireWire interface solution.

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