Commetrex Targets OEM Developer with PowerIntercept BladeWare

8/22/2003 - Commetrex Corporation announced the immediate availability of PowerInterceptTM, a focused lawful-intercept (LI) configuration of BladeWareTM, its host-signal-processing IP platform, and the company’s media-processing technologies. The value-adding platform gives the OEM an open, scalable software product that provides for the monitoring and recording of IP-based voice and fax call streams. The product targets the developer of LI systems for national security agencies, law-enforcement, forensic intelligence, call-center quality monitoring, and the financial services industries.

BladeWare is comprised of Commetrex’ Open Telecommunications Framework® Kernel client-server telephony framework and OpenMediaTM, the company’s media- processing framework. A call classifier that discriminates between secure telephone units, voice, fax, and data is included. Then, terminating IP voice and fax are added. Terminating voice includes support for G.711 and G.726. Low-bit-rate vocoders are also available as optional items. Fax rendering is based on FaxTapTM, Commetrex’ recently released fax-rendering software, which converts recordings of PCM-based fax transactions to TIFF-F image files. PowerIntercept also includes FaxTap for T.38- based fax transactions.

Cliff Schornak, Commetrex’ CTO, explained: "Not all gateways support T.38, the ITU recommendation for real-time IP-based fax. Those gateways that do not support T.38 try to provide PSTN-transport quality by using a technique called G.711 pass- through. So an IP-based recording or monitoring system must be able to handle faxes based on both T.38 and G.711. PowerIntercept does that."

Mike Coffee, Commetrex’ CEO, commented: "National security is important these days, and we intend to serve this need by creating timely, value-added products for the industry’s OEMs. Legislation and regulations are requiring communications service providers to design and implement networks that explicitly support authorized electronic surveillance. PowerIntercept addresses this need."

Lawful intercept is a term used to describe the process by which law enforcement agencies conduct electronic surveillance of circuit and packet-mode communications as authorized by judicial or administrative order. Providers of public communication services are now designing networks that support authorized electronic surveillance. The types of service providers that are subject to LI mandates, as well as the services included, vary greatly from country to country.

Commetrex Corporation
Commetrex Corporation develops and markets enabling technologies that shorten the time to market and reduce the development cost of integrated-media telecommunications equipment. Long known for its market-leading fax and other licensed technologies, Commetrex has recently completed a multi-year development effort to offer the equipment developer middleware software products and a media- stream framework, plus a comprehensive line of PCI and CompactPCI DSP- resource and network-interface boards.

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