Intoto Releases iGateway VPN for High-Performance Security Appliances

8/22/2003 - Intoto Inc., a leading provider of embedded security software, announced the availability of its high-performance iGatewayTM VPN (Virtual Private Network) solution for high-performance security appliances. Utilizing popular CryptoNetXTM accelerator adapters from Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), the new iGateway VPN software solution provides a production-ready platform for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to develop high-performance, scalable VPN security appliances targeted to medium and large enterprises.

The Broadcom® CryptoNetX Accelerator Adapters (the IPS500A and IPS200A) are high-performance VPN PCI boards designed to speed up the processing of security functions and eliminate VPN bottlenecks and degradation across the entire network infrastructure. These board-level solutions dramatically reduce the cost of network ownership by improving the overall performance of the network while enabling faster network response times.

VPNs connect multiple private networks to a publicly accessed network (such as the Internet), thus eliminating the high costs associated with private leased lines. As a result, these expensive, dedicated, private networks are being replaced by VPNs, especially for applications that require remote access to corporate Intranets and business-to-business transactions. Given the pervasive security concerns throughout the world, coupled with the rapid adoption of wireless applications, has led to the increased interest in VPN technology as a way to protect networks and assets from hackers and unauthorized users.

“Intoto’s full-featured iGateway VPN router software, coupled with Broadcom’s VPN processor, allows OEM customers to achieve best of class, high-performance VPN security with quick time-to-market advantages,” said Martyn Humphries, Senior Director of Broadcom’s SMB and Security line of business. “Given the heightened awareness of the need for VPN security, our IPS200A and IPS500A accelerator cards are being quickly adopted for use within a variety of applications including wireless gateways, VPNs and firewalls.”

Intoto’s iGateway VPN solution offers a feature-rich, standards-based VPN suite that is certified by third party organizations including Trusecure’s ICSA (International Computing Security Association) Labs and the VPN Consortium (VPNC). The iGateway solution provides secure site-to-site VPN connection and allows remote access for mobile users. Additionally, the platform supports such advanced features as hub and spoke, NAT (Network Address Translation) traversal, and includes extensive support for PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) with OCSP (On-line Certificate Status Protocol) and SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol), making the iGateway VPN solution suitable for deployment within large wired or wireless networks. The iGateway VPN solution also offers a highly flexible architecture that can scale up to support over 100,000 simultaneous VPN tunnels and can support the use of simultaneous cryptographic processors for building high performance security appliances.

Broadcom’s CryptoNetX IPS200A and IPS500A PCI cards offload VPN processing from branch office routers/firewalls, enterprise routers/firewalls, VPN appliances and software-based firewalls to improve overall network efficiency while reducing CPU loading. Both accelerator cards are based on Broadcom’s field-proven BCM5823 IPsec processor (announced in August 2002). A single IPS200A or IPS500A accelerator card allows PCI systems to achieve a sustained mid-range throughput of up to 250 Mbps (Megabits per second) for IPS200A and up to 500 Mbps for IPS500A in applications using the iGateway VPN Platform.

Additionally, IKE (Internet Key Exchange) performance may be accelerated using the same Broadcom CryptoNetX PCI cards to achieve up to 400 1024-bit IKE (Diffie-Hellman) transactions per second using the IPS500A and up to 200 1024-bit IKE (Diffie-Hellman) transactions per second using the IPS200A. Both the IPS500A and IPS200A can support up to 2048-bit IKE (Diffie-Hellman) transactions. The IPS500A and IPS200A also feature an easy-to-use PCI 2.2 interface that can be deployed in virtually any major PC, workstation or server platform utilizing a PCI bus and are ideally suited for PCI coprocessor-based IPsec security applications.

“Intoto is very excited to offer iGateway VPN software that features Broadcom’s PCI acceleration cards, enabling our customers to rapidly deploy high-performance, scalable solutions for security appliances.” said Sathyan Iyengar, President and CEO of Intoto Inc. “Being able to provide the performance that the IPS200A and IPS500A achieve is necessary for securing today’s embedded firewalls, VPN appliances, VPN-enabled routers, wireless gateways and access devices, particularly for e-Commerce transactions.”

Intoto’s iGateway VPN software and Broadcom’s IPS500A and IPS200A PCI cards are now available to customers. The IPS500A and IPS200A can be purchased directly from Broadcom.

About Intoto Inc.
Intoto Inc. is a provider of secure embedded gateway infrastructure software to equipment manufacturers and processor vendors in the communications gateway market. Intoto offers the iGatewayTM product platform, a fully integrated comprehensive embedded gateway software platform. Intoto's licensing-based business model allows equipment manufacturers to create and rapidly deploy fully validated, reliable gateway equipment. Founded in 1998, Intoto Inc. is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA USA. More information about Intoto, Inc. is available from its Web site at

iGatewayTM is a trademark of Intoto Inc. Broadcom® and CryptoNetXTM are trademarks of Broadcom Corporation and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.

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