MathWorks Code Generation Powers Electronic Control Units in Cars

8/19/2003 - The MathWorks announced that Visteon Corporation (NYSE:VC), a global tier one automotive supplier, is deploying The MathWorks embedded code-generation technology.

The embedded-code technology is based on MATLAB® and Simulink® and is being used to develop powertrain Electronic Control Units (ECUs). The MathWorks software provides increases in productivity, time and cost savings, and the flexibility to meet automakers' stringent requirements for customized controllers. Visteon joins Motorola, Honeywell, Jaguar, and BAE Systems in a growing list of companies that are using The MathWorks code-generation products.

Visteon recently described their progress in advancing efficient automatic code generation for production applications at The MathWorks International Automotive Conference. Highlights from the presentation included smaller code size through autocoding and the ability to leverage a growing library of reusable models. These advances are making Visteon more able to help automakers differentiate their brands in response to the varying needs of automakers and consumers around the world.

"Production code generation is a key component for companies using a model-based design approach," said Richard Rovner, vice president of marketing, The MathWorks. "The success that Visteon has had with our production code-generation products speaks to the significant effort that we have made, and continue to make, in providing the automotive industry with superior embedded-software technologies based on our Real-Time Workshop® Embedded Coder."

The MathWorks production code-generation software provides a development environment that employs executable graphical models for specifying and implementing embedded software. Using a model-based design approach, engineers can now design, validate, automatically generate, and verify code in the Simulink and Stateflow® modeling environment. As a result, specification and design defects are caught much earlier in the software design cycle, and long delays that traditionally occur between software specification and embedded code creation are eliminated.

About The MathWorks
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