NI Streamlines ANSI C Development with LabWindows/CVI Upgrade

8/15/2003 - National Instruments announced NI LabWindows/CVI 7.0, the most significant release of the company's proven ANSI C development environment for test and measurement in its 15-year history. LabWindows/CVI 7.0 features a fully integrated workspace, code-generating hardware configuration assistants and a redesigned data acquisition interface to dramatically speed development while delivering the flexibility, performance and long-term reliability of ANSI C programming.

"The new integrated workspace presents an even more professional front end to an already excellent product," said John Barlow, senior test development engineer at Nokia Mobile Phones. "Now, everything you need is in one place, so finding specific code or library windows is a breeze. The function prototype display is an excellent addition, making the code-writing experience much easier."

The integrated LabWindows/CVI workspace is designed for optimal productivity, particularly in large applications containing multiple source and project files. The environment provides easy access to built-in measurement libraries, a comprehensive project view, dynamic reference information and a structured function library. The LabWindows/CVI 7.0 environment also includes a Web-integrated Example Finder to access and sort more than 250 examples delivered with the product, and thousands more on the Web created by the established LabWindows/CVI community.

LabWindows/CVI 7.0 incorporates significant NI software platform advancements recently introduced in LabVIEW 7 Express to simplify and dramatically speed instrument control. LabWindows/CVI 7.0 features the Instrument I/O Assistant to deliver direct I/O connectivity to GPIB, USB, Serial, VXI and other traditional instruments. Engineers can use this code-generating assistant to easily prototype instrument control systems and take quick measurements.

"Initial instrument communication and data parsing often constitute 80 percent of an instrumentation application. Now the LabWindows/CVI Instrument I/O Assistant takes care of these tasks," said Ray Almgren, NI vice president of product strategy. "This is just one of the major new developments in LabWindows/CVI 7.0 that dramatically increases the productivity of ANSI C programming for test and measurement development."

LabWindows/CVI 7.0 also features NI-DAQ 7, the new NI data acquisition interface that speeds performance by a factor of 10 to 20 times for concurrent and single-point I/O. LabWindows/CVI gives engineers low-level, direct access to this interface through built-in libraries, or engineers can use the DAQ Assistant to interface to the NI-DAQ 7 driver for interactively adding custom timing, scaling and triggering into data acquisition tasks with minimal programming.

LabWindows/CVI 7.0 also includes:

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