Mobiwave Unveils Bluetooth v1.2 Protocol Analyzer Promotion

8/15/2003 - Mobiwave Pte Ltd, a price-performance market leader of BluetoothTM v1.2 Protocol Analyzer, celebrates the coming release of Bluetooth v1.2 specification with the best price-performance offer to the BluetoothTM developer community. In the run-up to the release of BluetoothTM v1.2 specifications to adopters, Mobiwave is offering BPA-D12 with its full load of profiles support at a special package price. In addition, for a limited period, there is also a USD$5000 discount off the package price plus a free HCI USB non-intrusive analyzer. The discount is valid with other options such as trade-in of BluetoothTM v1.1 protocol analyzer.

BPA-D12 is proven to be an effective and indispensable tool in the development of device conforming to v1.2 draft specifications released by the BluetoothTM SIG. Mobiwave BPA-D12 supports the latest Draft 5 of the v1.2 specifications. Details of the promotion are available on Mobiwave website at

BPA-D12 is the only protocol analyzer with real-time capturing, decoding, decrypting, analyzing, displaying, searching and playing back (audio) of BluetoothTM traffic. The ability to perform all these actions without stopping sniffing has been very essential for developers to tackle complex real-time issues. BPA-D12 supports mature Bluetooth v1.2 features such as AFH (role-switch, park, hold and sniff), extended SCO (EV3, EV4 and EV5), Absence Mask and Scatter Mode.

About Mobiwave
Mobiwave BPAs offer superior price-performance, intuitive message-sequence-chart user interface, Ethernet interface and many other unique features. These unique features are: SmartTandemTM, SmartDecryptTM, SmartHIDTM, real-time capture and display of BluetoothTM packets, instant audio decryption, playback and exports to CVSD and PCM file formats, Microsoft COM API interface for automation, advance AVDTP decoding, protocol export to CSV and PCAP file formats and etc, are designed to give hassle-free user-experience. Mobiwave BPAs support the following profiles: headset, PAN, HCRP, HID, SAP, AVRCP, AV/AVDTP Profile, DUN, LAP, Fax Profile, Intercom Profile, CTP, SPP, Object-Push Profile, FTP, Synchronization Profile, Generic OBEX Profile, Generic SDP Profile and GAP. BluetoothTM protocols that are supported inclusive of base-band packets are: LMP, L2CAP, SDP, TCS, RFCOMM, AT commands, HDLC, PPP, OBEX, BNEP, HCRP, HID, AVCTP, AVDTP, SAP, HCI and networking protocol such as HTTP, FTP, RTP, DNS, TCP, UDP, IP v4 and IP v6 through PCAP exports.

For more information on Mobiwave Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer product series, please contact Mobiwave Pte Ltd.

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