Early Bird Gets No Worm with Project Mad Hatter Registration

8/15/2003 - In response to to yet another massive security vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows operating system (the MSBlast Internet worm), Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) announced the opening of early registration for customers seeking an interoperable and secure alternative to their existing desktop deployments. Project Mad Hatter, Sun's open standards-based desktop, addresses the risk and expense associated with Microsoft Windows and Office platforms by engineering security into its infrastructure from the start, Sun's Project Mad Hatter offers a radical reduction in complexity with comparable increases in security designed to protect customers against exposure to viruses such as the MSBlast worm. To sign up for early access registration for Project Mad Hatter contact madhatter@sun.com.

"From enterprise IT departments to the Department of Homeland Security, it's well known by industry and government agencies that reliance on a single vendor for desktop deployments represents an achilles heel in the safety and security of the world's network infrastructure," said Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president, Software, Sun Microsystems. "As the technology provider that secures the world's highest value networks and the only IT vendor without the conflict of being a Microsoft OEM, Sun is best positioned to provide a new solution to this growing risk. It is our belief corporate America should accelerate their evaluation of alternatives to Microsoft, a process we're simplifying by opening registration for Project Mad Hatter."

Project Mad Hatter, to be formally launched in September at SunNetwork, offers enterprise customers a secure and cost-effective desktop alternative to the Microsoft Windows stack. The integrated platform is based entirely on open standards and includes all the desktop applications necessary to migrate users off the Windows and Office platforms, and onto a more secure and stable platform. The solution includes the award-winning StarOffice personal productivity suite, which reads and writes all Microsoft file formats; the latest version of Sun's Java technology platform; the GNOME windowing environment; Sun ONE mail, calendaring and instant messaging; connectivity to existing Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes messaging services; and support for the industry standard Java Card platform for microprocessor smartcard authentication and security.

From the B-1 certified Trusted Solaris operating system, to Java Card and Sun's Network Identity solutions, Sun has assumed security into the design of its products. Sun's military grade security incorporates products, technologies, partners and services to give customers peace of mind in securing information systems and physical devices so that their owners can focus on business results, not virus recovery.

Complete Project Mad Hatter details will be released at Sun's annual user conference, SunNetwork, September 16 18, 2003. For more information on SunNetwork, visit http://sunnetwork.sun.com/.

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