XEMICS Drops RF Communications Directly onto PCB

8/14/2003 - XEMICS' Drop-In RF module has been designed to facilitate the development of wireless communication applications and to reduce the time to market as it can be soldered directly onto a PCB. With a small form factor and very low cost, this first complete drop-in module is designed for medium and high volume production. This has been achieved by the combination of the XEMICS RF expertise and quality production facilities in China.

No external components (excluding an antenna) are required. The module incorporates an on-board antenna matching, making integration straightforward even for engineers lacking previous RF experience.

With a 20mm x 20mm footprint, the DP1201A 433MHz module fits perfectly into most customers' applications. Based on Surface Mount Technology (SMT) with components mounted only in one side, this module offers the advantage of being both very small and inexpensive. The interface based on half-pads (SMT) is purely digital and so no glue is required between the drop-in module and the microcontroller. For a higher flexibility, depending on the application, one or two antennas can be connected to the drop-in module.

The DP1201A 433MHz module can be soldered directly to the main system board like other components. Delivered in blister trays; the module can be assembled with an automatic system for high volume production, which significantly reduces the production cost.

The DP1201A 433MHz module includes all the technical benefits of the XE1201A, such as a glitch-free data bit synchronizer with a synchronized clock. The transmitted output power level, data rate up to 64kbps and frequency deviation are controlled via a 3-wire bus. Based on SAW resonator, the wake-up time of the drop-in module is similar to the transceiver and depends on the clock state (set via an internal register). If the clock is kept running, the wake-up time is 75Ás max. With 13mA in transmission mode for an output power at +2.5dBm and 6mA in reception for a sensitivity at -107dBm@4.8kbps, the DP1201A 433MHz module represents an ideal balance between performance and price in countries where ETSI regulations do not apply. This module is available for less than $5.50 at quantities of 1'000 pieces.

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