No Sand Castle in AvantGo Mobile Beach Kit

8/13/2003 - Going to the beach this summer? The AvantGo® service makes planning a trip to your favorite warm weather spot easy by providing helpful and fun information to make the most of those long summer days. Whether you’re looking for directions, entertainment, weather reports or something to read while catching those rays, AvantGo delivers everything you need right to your personal digital assistant (PDA) or smartphone.

"AvantGo is a ‘must-have’ travel companion whether you’re planning a trip across the country or just a day at the beach. We offer a wide variety of free content that allows users to find everything from weather and games to maps and personalized news, all from the convenience of their mobile devices," said Neil Versen, senior director for AvantGo at iAnywhere Solutions. "Because the service does not require a wireless connection, AvantGo is easy to use anywhere, maximizing the mobile experience with a wealth of information packaged to fit in a user’s pocket."

AvantGo uniquely delivers a robust mobile user experience, delivering content to consumers at their convenience – whether connected to a wired, public wireless or Wi-Fi network. Providing "always available" access to more than 2,500 channels – including news, weather, sports, travel and entertainment – AvantGo can be accessed in real-time using a wireless connection or offline via synchronization with a desktop PC. The service offers a number of popular channels to help you plan your day at the beach including:
Nothing can spoil a day at the beach more than bad weather. View your local forecast for 43,000 U.S. locations. Check out AccuWeather’s unique radar images and satellite views to give you the most accurate reading of the current weather. AccuWeather has earned its reputation by consistently delivering the most accurate, localized and up-to-the minute forecasts.

Find the perfect summer read. delivers excerpts and exciting offers on today’s hottest bestsellers, from the world’s largest English-language trade publisher. As a bonus, receive essential travel and hotel information from

Joke A Day
Keep a smile on your face all day long, and even share a laugh or two with new friends at the beach. Visit Joke A Day, the world's largest daily humor mailing list, on your PDA!

Make sure you find that perfect beach. Use MapQuest to get easy access to driving directions and maps. Just enter a starting point and destination to receive instant detailed driving directions.

Pollen Forecast
Headed to a new beach? Allergies are nothing to sneeze at. After checking the local weather report, be sure to check out the daily pollen forecasts and other important information available including how allergies develop, how to cope and the effects of pollen counts and weather on your allergies. Looking to take a break from the sun and sand? Let be your guide to thousands of local restaurants, wherever you happen to be. Search by name, location, price and even availability. Read ratings and recommendations to find that perfect summer time meal.
You don’t have to lug tons of magazines to the beach this summer. Surf, the Web's authority on music and popular culture to get the latest music news and artist features, as well as accompanying photographs, updated daily from

Get your news with a little Je ne sais quoi. provides original, newsworthy information and commentary with a distinct point of view. Created in the spirit of the French salon, in which literary figures, artists and statesmen assembled for lively conversations, is a one-stop site for the latest breaking news, insight from respected columnists, and first person essays on topics including politics, opinion, technology, entertainment, books and life.

Local News
AvantGo has a variety of local news channels for popular beach destinations such as Myrtle Beach, Palm Beach and Miami Beach.

About AvantGo
AvantGo delivers rich, personalized content and applications to mobile device users. Today, more than 2,500 major brands, including American Airlines, CNET, CNN and The New York Times, leverage AvantGo to target a highly desirable demographic of over eight million registered users. To learn more about AvantGo visit

About iAnywhere Solutions
iAnywhere Solutions, Inc. empowers the unwired enterprise with always available access to enterprise information. More than 12,000 customers worldwide, including 78 of the Fortune 100, rely on the iAnywhere SolutionsTM industry leading database for mobile, embedded and small to medium sized business environments as well as the company’s mobile middleware and m-Business solutions. In addition, the company’s AvantGo® service is one of the world’s largest mobile applications. iAnywhere Solutions is a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY). Visit for more information.

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