ANT Fresco Browser Surfs IPTV with AmiNET Set-top Boxes

8/13/2003 - Set-top box (STB) vendor Amino has selected the ANT Fresco browser for its AmiNET series of STBs to provide users with fast and intuitive access to interactive IPTV applications, content and services. The browser offers a number of advanced, integrated features, including Macromedia Flash Player 5 for multimedia capabilities, a choice of font engines, IME (Input Method Editor) and predictive text entry.

Amino and ANT have been working together for over four years. ANT Fresco's reliability and performance had already been proven, having been integrated as part of Amino's first-generation STB technology. Fresco is an ideal content rendering solution for the AmiNET series, which is specifically designed for interactive on-line audio, video and data services. The browser's small footprint means that the bill of materials (BOM) is kept to a minimum. In addition, the streamlined porting process ensures a fast time-to-market, further reducing development costs.

"We believe Amino is setting a new trend in IPTV by marketing set-top boxes that focus on the most important functions for service providers and give their customers an option to get to market very quickly," said Stephen Reeder, Director, Sales & Marketing at ANT Limited.

"With ANT Fresco as an integral part of the AmiNET family, we are able to offer our customers a cost-effective, flexible solution that allows them to include the functionality they require, with a user interface that can be customised to suit their own range of services and product branding needs," said Mike Greenall, marketing director at Amino.

The AmiNET series of STBs has been designed to accelerate the implementation of networked digital video systems within different markets, including consumer, education, hospitality and retail. The series offers a range of web and audio/video capabilities that enable it to manage the multimedia distribution requirements of these markets. The units are available as licensed designs or volume products, and can be customised to meet the specific needs of customers.

About ANT Limited
ANT Limited ( is a leading provider of content rendering solutions for TV, DVD and other consumer electronic devices. ANTís solution includes a browser, software architecture and user interface toolkit that enable OEMs, service providers and network operators to provide highly compelling interactive content and services to the consumer. ANTís software can be integrated quickly into any platform and operating system, and has been implemented into a wide range of interactive TV and digital entertainment devices around the world. Current customers include Thomson Multimedia, OpenGlobe, Pace Micro Technology, Philips Semiconductor, HUMAX and Sagem.

About Amino
Amino ( is an electronic systems designer specialising in products for multimedia distribution such as on-line digital video and audio, as well as data reception. Its range of small, low cost, high functionality set-top boxes and gateway products are available as manufactured units or as licensable designs for hotels and hospitality markets, healthcare, retail and education, as well as networked and broadcast markets. The company offers a shared risk and reward approach that enables the rapid implementation of cost-effective services. Amino, based in Swavesey, near Cambridge, was founded in 1997 and is privately held. It has received £10m in funding from business angels and institutional investors.

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