Kane Computing Introduces New High Speed PCI JTAG Emulator

7/31/2003 - Kane Computing announces the new dICE high-speed XDS510 compatible PCI emulator, which offers significant improvements over XDS510 compatible emulators. These include fast down loads using block mode transfers, variable emulator clock, RTDX and DSP BIOS support and simultaneous mixed target support.

The dICE has a compact and portable POD design (~15x50x80 mm) with an anodised aluminium casing, which is non-conductive and is very resilient to physical abuse. It is PCI bus powered so no external supplies are required.

The dICE provides high level language debugging with Code Composer Studio and supports a wide variety of ARM and TI DSPs. Additional features include multi-target / multi-processor / multi-emulator system support, variable scan rate (configurable from 6MHz to 30MHz), auto-detected low voltage processor support (1.0V to 5.0V) and diagnostic LEDs.

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