Hyperception Supports Analog Devices BlackFin DSP with Hypersignal RIDE

7/31/2003 - Kane Computing announces the latest release of Hyperception’s popular Hypersignal RIDE component-based DSP design software with direct support for the Analog Devices 21535 Blackfin DSP and corresponding EZ-Kit DSP hardware. This tool provides an incredibly efficient means of real-time DSP programming – without the user having to write any code at all. RIDE combined with a Blackfin EZ-Kit DSP board makes an ideal platform for DSP algorithm development, and can be used for many real-time DSP applications including control systems, instrumentation, systems modelling and simulation, image processing, and many other numeric intensive applications.

The RIDE development process is a very simple one, and allows real-time DSP implementations to be built-up extremely quickly. Block components are selected from a pull-down menu or toolbar and connected together with a mouse to establish a data flow for the design. Run-time parameters are adjusted from pop-up dialog boxes, and the entire algorithm is executed on the Blackfin EZ-Kit target hardware with the press of a single button. RIDE provides complete control and observation of DSP designs, and allows for symbolic debugging, code profiling, application export, and much more.

RIDE DSP development software provides extended functionality and blazingly fast Native block component support to provide increased real-time Blackfin DSP algorithm performance. RIDE provides extensive support for a variety of DSP chip families from Analog Devices (Blackfin and SHARC) and Texas Instruments (TMS320 series), and is an attractive development solution for many real-time DSP projects. In addition to the 21535 Blackfin EZ-Kit hardware RIDE also includes drivers for many other DSP hardware boards.

RIDE software with 21535 Blackfin EZ-Kit hardware support included is available in several software editions: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Product upgrades are available to existing customers.

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