Attainment Company Brings PointBase Micro Database to Life

7/29/2003 - PointBase® Micro, the award-winning Java database, is being used to mobilize more than just enterprise data. The Attainment Company, an ISV that specializes in developing software and materials for people with special needs, has integrated the PointBase Micro database into its new "Life in Focus" software tool. “Life in Focus” allows teachers to create individualized step-by-step guides to help students improve their independent-living life skills and become more "mobile."

The initial “Life in Focus” application uses the PointBase-enabled database program to help teachers rapidly search through hundreds of image titles to find the right one for a given purpose, view a thumbnail image to confirm their selection and then enlarge and print the images into topic-specific guidebooks for students who need visual images for comprehension. Fast access to image collections and other forms of visual information using PointBase technology is the key, enabling special-needs students to communicate with or navigate through an impatient, verbal language-oriented world.

The images, often in the form of a picture sequence with simple captions as a reference, are selected to explain particular tasks or directions. The sequence may describe a job, meal preparation steps or other simple, day-to-day matters most people take for granted. It is also used to provide transportation directions to and from a job or other destination, and can be printed out to provide a familiar, hard-copy reference guide for the special needs person.

The initial application locates thumbnail images quickly on a CD, finds the ones needed and saves them to a local device. PointBase Micro is able to keep track of the images and provide fast, easy searches, while providing great resource efficiency and ease of implementation and use. All were key factors in the application design, making PointBase Micro the database of choice.

"We started out intending to create an embedded data management tool ourselves, but we were looking to provide an all-Java solution. We found PointBase Micro and were very impressed and pleased by both its price tag and its resource efficiency," said Attainment Company President and Founder Don Bastianis. "We discovered that we got better results with PointBase than with other solutions we considered. It was faster, easier to use and it fit our needs perfectly.”

“The Attainment Company showcases the ability of specialized ISVs and vendors of all sizes to provide products that represent truly ingenious uses of today’s Java technology,” said Bruce Scott, CEO of PointBase. “The Attainment Company is helping people reach the ultimate goal of enhanced personal freedom through specialized information access. That’s an important achievement.”

The Attainment Company’s “Life In Focus” software will be available for teaching use in Fall 2003.

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About Attainment Company
Since 1979, the Wisconsin-based Attainment Company has met the special needs of children and adults by producing materials designed to improve living and learning conditions. For more about Attainment Company and its products, visit the company's website at

About PointBase Inc.
PointBase is the leading provider of Java data management and synchronization products for the embedded database and data mobility markets. PointBase products are used in Java server applications and are also embedded within Java applications. The company’s products are the preferred solution for Java mobile data applications found on laptops, PDA’s, cell phones and other mobile devices, and have received such highly respected industry accolades as the 2003 Crossroads A-List Award and the 2003 JDJ Reader’s Choice Awards. Bruce Scott, part of the Oracle Corporation founding team and co-founder of Gupta/Centura Software, founded PointBase in 1998 with a management team that includes industry veterans from IBM, Hyperion and Oracle.

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