Kane Computing Rolls Out Intelligent Motion Control Kits

7/29/2003 - Kane Computing recently launched the Technosoft IMDM15 motion control and development kits in the UK, which provide a development environment for state-of-the-art digital motion control based around the Texas Instruments LF2406A DSP and International Rectifiers iNTEROTM power module.

The IMDM15 kit is a complete development platform based on a power module and embedded DSP controller, providing a complete tool for digital motion control solutions design.

This advanced kit accelerates the design, development and implementation of digital motion control (DMC) applications.

The Technosoft IMDM15 is a motion control and development kit, built with the International Rectifier PIIPM15P12D007 fully integrated Intelligent Power module, for high performance servo motor drives applications. The device core is the state of the art DSP controller TMS320LF2406A from Texas Instruments.

To quickly develop and test motion control algorithms, the IMDM15 module uses the 40 MIPS computational power of the TMS320LF2406A, combined with a double event manager able to drive up to 16 PWM and 16 A/D converters. The embedded CAN interface may be used to connect the board to multiple-axis structures. The IMDM15 kit can be connected to a PC via an RS232 or RS422 interface to download, execute and debug the software applications without the need for other hardware devices.

The IMDM15 kits include DMCD-Pro; Technosoft’s most advanced software platform, which allows the development of motor control applications in a Windows IDE environment. Optionally, they can include complete digital motion control application source code libraries, fully documented, for the speed control of a brushless, or an induction motor.

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