CATC Supports Wide Links with Serial Attached SCSI Analyzer

7/29/2003 - Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC) (Nasdaq: CATZ), a leading communications protocol expert company, unveiled a powerful new product for Storage Protocol analysis named the SASTracer(TM). The industry's first Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) analyzer that supports "wide" links, CATC's SASTracer system will also be software upgradeable to support Serial ATA II (SATA) protocol analysis.

Serial Attached SCSI is the next evolution of the ubiquitous SCSI storage interface and adoption is expected in mid-2004. In addition to improved performance and scalability, Serial Attached SCSI shares a common physical interface and attaches seamlessly to serial ATA devices. CATC's new SASTracer analyzer is designed to address both of these development environments with a single flexible system offering plug and play analysis between SAS and Serial ATA links operating at 1.5 or 3Gbps.

"Serial Attached SCSI enables a new breed of storage system by delivering Serial ATA compatibility at the connector level. CATC's SASTracer represents an important enabler for storage system vendors driving this transition to high performance serial technologies," said Harry Mason, director of Industry Marketing for LSI Logic Corporation and president of the SCSI Trade Association.

"With this announcement, CATC is sharing its vision of a powerful and portable test platform designed specifically to address the challenges of integrating these emerging storage technologies," stated Dan Wilnai, president and CEO of CATC. "By combining the best features of our SATracer(TM) Serial ATA analyzer and our Verisys(TM) SCSI Analysis Tools, CATC has created a flexible bi-lingual test system that will accelerate time to market for developers working on both SAS and SATA protocols."

Built on CATC's Universal Protocol Analyzer System(TM) (UPAS(TM) 10K), SASTracer is expandable to support multiple Serial Attached SCSI channels known as "wide" links. Initially supporting 2-wide SAS connections, the SASTracer will be upgradeable to support 4-wide links in Q4 of 2003 by purchasing a second plug-in module. The CATC Trace(TM) expert analysis software will automatically and logically group at the Application layer, all frames and primitives that are part of a common operation, even if they are spread across multiple physical pathways within a wide link. The UPAS 10K is the same universal platform supporting CATC's Fibre Channel, InfiniBand and PCI Express ML analyzers.

Compact and highly portable, the CATC SASTracer analyzer can record and analyze out-of-band signaling problems, rate matching and timing deltas between ALIGN bursts. With full support for SSP and SMP protocols, SASTracer can decode and display all SAS Link Layer primitives up through SCSI and Management Application layers.

CATC is now accepting orders for the SASTracer protocol analyzer with delivery starting in September of 2003. For further information, please contact CATC or its worldwide network of distribution partners.

About CATC
Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC) is a global communication protocols expert company, providing test and measurement solutions for Computer I/O, Storage and Networking protocols, enhancing productivity and time to market. CATC develops, manufactures and markets advanced protocol analysis expert systems for established and emerging digital communications standards including Bluetooth, Fibre Channel, IEEE 1394, InfiniBand, PCI Express, SCSI, Serial ATA and USB. Semiconductor, device, system and software companies use CATC's products during each phase of their products' lifecycles from development through production and market deployment. CATC's expert protocol analysis systems allow customers to monitor communications traffic, diagnose design and operational problems and confirm interoperability and standards compliance. Technicians also use CATC's test and analysis products on production lines and for maintenance of deployed systems and networks. CATC was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. For more information regarding CATC and its products, please visit

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