Kane Computing Rolls Out ICELP 10 kHz Wide-Band Speech Codec

7/28/2003 - Kane Computing recently released a new top-performance ICELP 10kHz wide-band speech codec for high-quality speech compression/decompression, manufactured by the largest eXpressDSP-compliant software developer in Europe, Spirit Corp.

Spiritís ICELP speech codec algorithm is functioning on 10 KHz bandwidth, which exceeds standard specifications for wide-band applications and provides top speech quality required in multimedia applications and speech storage devices.

The multi-channel software codes speech signals and decodes bit stream in 16-bit PCM format at 20 KHz sampling rate. Speech encoding/decoding is performed independently on the frame-by-frame basis.

Features include high speech quality (MOS about 4.3), 32000 bps encoded bit stream rate, a frame size of 16 ms, algorithmic delay of 20 ms, a sampling rate of 20 KHz and is compliant with TIís eXpressDSP standard.

The algorithm could be used with two types of interfaces: proprietary and XDAIS compliant, each having certain advantages Ė the proprietary interface provides significant DSP resource economy whereas XDAIS interface simplifies integration, especially for big software projects.

SPIRITís ICELP 10 kHz speech codec is available on TMS320C54xx platform.

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