e-SIM, Holomatix Team for Complete Online Virtual Product Experience

7/24/2003 - e-SIM Ltd. (OTCBB: ESIM.OB), a leading provider of MMI solutions for electronic and wireless products that enable the creation of fully functional simulated computer prototypes, announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Holomatix Ltd., a UK-based leader in the field of photo-realistic 3D technologies. The outcome of this partnership will lead to a complete interactive user experience available over the Web.

e-SIM Ltd., founded in 1991 and headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, is the creator of LiveManuals, a technology that enables true interaction with electronic products over the Web. With LiveManuals, users can actually operate products on the Web by using the simulated product as if it were the real thing – pressing the buttons on the product’s user interface and seeing what happens. Electronics and telecommunications manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sprint and Nikon among others, employ LiveManuals technology so their customers and employees can receive training and support for products and potential customers can take products for virtual test drives.

Holomatix Ltd. excels through bringing together unique 3D technologies with highly skilled creative professionals. Holomatix Blaze3D technologies power the delivery of 3D product animations across a spectrum of marketing and communication channels, from corporate websites to product micro-sites, from interactive point of sale displays to rich media advertising. Holomatix clients include some of the most respected manufacturers of business and consumer products worldwide.

The combination of e-SIM and Holomatix technologies will facilitate the most complete virtual product experience available over the Web. The photo-realistic rendering of the product accompanied by the virtual experience will enable consumers to truly gain an accurate impression of products’ look and feel as well as their functionalities.

“Livemanuals is the best technology for Web interactivity and complete realistic functionality, while Holomatix’s Blaze3D results in 3D renderings of the highest visual quality available,“ said Avi Hitelman, VP for R&D at e-SIM. “The synergistic combination of our technologies will enable manufacturers of electronic and wireless products to deliver the most powerful and compelling Web experience currently available to their consumers.“

“Bringing together Holomatix photo-realistic 3D technology with e-SIM Livemanuals has a uniquely powerful effect, resulting in truly virtual products. Consumers can experience a product without any viewing restrictions, and explore its functionality in finite detail without reliance on any proprietary software plug-ins,“ said Daniel Goss-Custard, Managing Director of Holomatix.

About e-SIM Ltd.
Founded in 1991, e-SIM Ltd. (http://www.e-sim.com/) is a major provider of MMI (Man-Machine Interface) solutions for electronic products. e-SIM’s MMI solutions are used by a wide range of wireless and electronic consumer goods manufacturers as well as by makers of aerospace and military equipment.

e-SIM’s RapidPLUSTM line of software products enables product designers and engineers to expedite the concept-to-market life cycle of products by easily creating simulated computer prototypes that are fully functional, and generating code from them to be used in the actual product. e-SIM's proprietary technology enables the creation and distribution of electronic LiveManuals, which are "virtual products" that look and behave like real products, over the Internet.

About Holomatix Ltd.
Established in 2000, Holomatix Ltd (http://www.holomatix.com) is a leading provider of photo-realistic 3D technologies and creative services. Holomatix Blaze3D technology is the most compact and efficient 3D Web display solution currently available by a significant margin. Blaze3D technology powers 3D product tours/e-brochures, sales applications, training materials, exhibition and point of sale presentations, screensavers, PowerPoint presentations and rich media advertising. Holomatix clients include some of the world’s most well known and respected product manufacturers.

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