Traquair Debuts Embedded DSP Board with On-board Virtex-II FPGA

7/24/2003 - Traquair Data Systems, Inc. announced the availability of the C6713Compact DSP board. The C6713Compact employs Texas Instrumentsí highest performance TMS320C6713 floating-point DSP Processor, a Virtex®-II FPGA and dual IEEE 1394 FireWire communications ports on a small form-factor embedded board.

The C6713Compact is a unique, highly flexible single board solution for developers requiring integrated DSP and FPGA resources, as both the DSP and FPGA can be programmed as the respective bus master depending on application needs. This intrinsic flexibility offers developers a new level of DSP/FPGA integration for applications such as imaging, communications, and industrial control & inspection.

System integration is also easily achieved, as users are able to access the open micro-line bus interface for hardware expansion. OEM developers can integrate the C6713Compact as a mezzanine resource within their own hardware environment, or add their own memory mapped peripheral hardware as vertically stacking daughter modules that are controlled and accessed by the DSP processor via its 20-bit address and 32-bit data busses.

Dual on-board 400 MBit/s IEEE 1394 FireWire ports allow for seamless incorporation within a high bandwidth, hot-swappable FireWire network environment, ideal for interfacing with host computers, digital cameras, and I/O devices.

The C6713Compact features a TMS320C6713 floating point DSP Processor clocked at 225 MHz (up to 1800 MIPS or 1350 MFLOPS), a Virtex-II FPGA (256k, 512k or 1MGates), dual 400 MBit/s IEEE 1394 FireWire ports, up to 64MBytes of 100 MHz SDRAM, and 8 MByte Flash EPROM - all in a small 120 x 67 mm form-factor.

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