Dilithium Networks Debuts Protocol Analysis, Test Tool for 3G-324M

7/22/2003 - Dilithium Networks, a leading provider of wireless multimedia solutions unveiled a new release of the Dilithium Networks Analyzer (DNA), a protocol analysis and test tool for 3G-324M markets. Dilithium Networks' DNA is the premier test tool for H.324M/3G-324M as defined by 3GPP, 3GPP2 and FOMA. The H.324M protocol is an ITU-T standard which has been adopted by both 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards bodies to enable real-time streaming and conversational video services over wireless networks.

The Dilithium Networks Analyzer (DNA) is the first H.324M/3G-324M protocol analysis tool on the market and is being used extensively by 3G operators as well as network and terminal OEMs. The latest release of the DNA includes a number of useful features that broaden the functionality of the DNA as well as make it easier to use for less sophisticated users. New features in the DNA include online network traffic monitoring to aid real-time monitoring of a call, call progress display for quick visual identification of problems, as well as numerous enhancements that increase flexibility of H.324M call parameters, improve call logging and analysis capability, etc.

"The DNA is designed for diagnosing, analyzing and monitoring all aspects of video telephony calls including call control, connection setup and tear down, and voice and video codec quality. Operators and OEMs can use the device to test new terminals and minimize the risk of field software upgrades to ensure interoperability", said Dr. Marwan Jabri, CTO and founder of Dilithium Networks. "It has already established itself as the reference H.324M/3G-324M platform for compliance and interoperability testing".

The DNA is an essential tool for solving interoperability issues between 3G-324M equipment, validating voice and video call quality and reducing time to market for 3G services and equipment. It is already in use by a majority of the 3G operators (including those about to launch 3G services) as well as a majority of network and terminal vendors.

About Dilithium Networks
Dilithium Networks is a leader in delivering multimedia solutions to much of the world's mobile infrastructure industry. Dilithium Networks provides solutions for interconnecting networks and terminals to enable seamless, efficient transport of voice and video. The company's products include multimedia transcoding gateways, 3G-324M protocol analysis test tools, and protocol stacks. Dilithium Networks' global customer base includes network equipment suppliers, terminal manufacturers and mobile operators. Dilithium Networks' headquarters are located in Larkspur, California near Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit - www.dilithiumnetworks.com.

Dilithium Networks is registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office.

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