TimeSys to Port Linux, IDE to Themis' Single Board Computers

7/22/2003 - TimeSys(R) Corporation, a leader in embedded Linux(R) and development tools, and Themis Computer, announced a partnership to deliver TimeSys Linux RTOS on Themis' embedded hardware systems. Themis Computer customers will reduce their development cost, risk and time to market through the tight integration of the only single-kernel Linux real-time operating system, TimeSys Linux RTOS, and TimeSys' cross-platform software development tools with Themis' family of USPIIe-USB(TM) VMEbus single board computers.

"Our partnership with TimeSys enables us to provide a completely integrated, certified, real-time Linux solution for our UltraSPARC IIe-based single board computers," said William E. Kehret, president of Themis Computer. "Our customers benefit from lower costs with TimeSys' royalty-free Linux RTOS, and the tight integration with TimeSys' professional GUI development tools enables our customers to reduce development risk and time to market," Mr. Kehret added.

TimeSys partners are able to deliver a ready-to-run embedded Linux software development kit that features TimeSys Linux RTOS and TimeSys' tightly integrated Linux- and Windows-hosted graphical development, modeling and event tracing tools. OEM customers of TimeSys' partners receive a complete hardware/software product that reduces development risk, time to market, and total cost of ownership for their embedded systems.

"Our partnership program enables system vendors like Themis to provide and support a high-quality, high-performance embedded Linux RTOS and development solution with their hardware platforms," said TimeSys CEO Larry Weidman. "Themis customers can have confidence that our proven TimeSys Linux RTOS will meet the performance and reliability needs of the demanding telecommunications and military/aerospace industries."

TimeSys Linux RTOS for the USPIIe-USB single board computer is available now from TimeSys and Themis Computer, and can be purchased online at www.timesys.com/buy/themis.

Themis Computer USPIIe-USB Single-Board-Computers
The USPIIe-USB(TM) is a high-performance VMEbus computer board based on the Sun(R) Microsystems 64-bit embedded SPARC(TM) superscalar processors. The USPIIe-USB provides users with 500 MHz, 600 MHz, and 650 MHz UltraSPARC(R) RISC processing performance options. Designed for configuration flexibility and high performance, the USPIIe-USB combines the latest 650 MHz UltraSPARC-IIe processors with a local PCI bus peripheral controller slot and a high performance bridge. Each of the USPIIe-USB one-slot, two-slot and three-slot configurations includes a high performance VME64 interface, a dual Ultra3 80 MB/sec SCSI port, up to two 10/100Base-T Ethernet ports, and up to six RS-232 serial ports. Memory is expandable up to 4 Gbytes using memory mezzanine cards.

Themis is committed to providing the broadest range of high performance VME and Compact PCI single board computers for the embedded market. The family comprises the new USPIIe-USB, the USPIIe-cPCI(TM), and TGA3D+(TM) graphics card. Themis Computer's high performance single-board computers and servers are now being integrated into new communications and defense systems worldwide.

TimeSys Linux RTOS
TimeSys Linux RTOS is a hardware-specific, royalty-free Linux real-time operating system and software development environment for embedded applications. At its base is TimeSys Linux GPL, the industry's lowest latency open source Linux kernel offering full kernel preemption, unlimited process priorities, enhanced schedulers, and high availability/carrier-grade features. TimeSys Linux RTOS is the only complete Linux distribution to add unique priority inversion avoidance mechanisms and high resolution timers to meet the performance requirements of the most demanding real-time systems. Packaged with enhanced and certified device drivers that support all I/O peripherals to the edge of the board, cross-platform GNU tool chains, a root file system and full documentation, TimeSys Linux RTOS is delivered ready-to-run on Themis' USPIIe-USB VMEbus platform. Additionally, TimeSys Linux Reservations technologies ensure system response and predictable performance under extreme loads and overload conditions by reserving CPU cycles and network packet resources for critical tasks. Engineers can improve their development experience through the use of TimeSys' Windows- and Linux-hosted integrated development environment and event tracing/debugging tools, TimeStorm and TimeTrace. Packaged in a complete, royalty-free product, TimeSys Linux RTOS helps reduce total cost of ownership, development risk, and time-to-market of advanced embedded systems.

About Themis Computer
Themis Computer is a leading developer and supplier of high performance VME and Compact PCI single-board computers, as well as systems based on ruggedized COTS motherboards and systems, for mission-critical telecommunications, military/aerospace, and industrial embedded applications. Themis provides open standards-based embedded computing platforms that support the Solaris(TM), Linux, and Windows(R) NT operating systems. Themis' products incorporate features designed to ensure high reliability and availability while reducing the risks of failure caused by environmental extremes. An ISO 9001 certified company, Themis Computer practices Total Quality Management (TQM) in all areas of its business, from engineering and manufacturing to customer service. Themis Computer is headquartered in Fremont, California and offers worldwide service and support. For more information please visit www.themis.com or email: info@themis.com.

About TimeSys Corporation
TimeSys is a pioneer and leader in Embedded Linux and development tools for the embedded systems market. Through complete software development kits design engineers can leverage certified, hardware-specific, single API Linux distributions, a complete range of Windows and Linux development tools and a full range of performance enhancements to develop advanced embedded systems. Its products support the full range of performance from non-real-time to deterministic hard real-time, and add unique reservations technologies that guarantee system response, even in overload conditions. TimeSys offers SDKs for more than 65 target platforms supporting 8 processor architectures and 35 unique processors. TimeSys technologies are utilized in a wide variety of industries and applications, from industrial/process control and consumer electronics to military and avionics. For more information about TimeSys, please visit http://www.timesys.com, send email to info@timesys.com or call 1-888-432-TIME.

TimeSys and TimeStorm are trademarks or registered trademarks of TimeSys Corporation in the United States and other countries. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Themis, the Themis logo, USP-2, USPIIe-USB, USPIIe-cPCI, and TGA3D+ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Themis Computer. Sun, Sun Microsystems, and Solaris are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries. UltraSPARC and SPARC trademarks are used under license and are trademarks or registered trademarks of SPARC International, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Products bearing SPARC trademarks are based upon an architecture developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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