MPI Software Teams with RackSaver to Build IceBerg at MSU

7/18/2003 - MPI Software Technology, Inc. (MSTI), the leading provider of high performance middleware products and related services for scalable systems, has collaborated with RackSaver, Inc. and helped build The Mississippi State University Center for Computer Security Research (CCSR) “IceBerg” Cluster.

Felix helps automate the installation of the RedHat Operating System, network configuration, and software stack installation. By using Felix, MSTI was able to perform these tasks in a remarkably short period of time. Felix enables “master nodes” of the cluster to support configuration and management of the “worker nodes.” The “worker nodes” are configured with Felix and the customer specific applications. The entire configuration is managed in a way to allow the customer access to part or all of the infrastructure, while system administrators can easily update or repair any nodes that need reconfiguration over time. Felix is layered on a factory installed operating system, which means the cluster nodes are preserved as fully functional independent computers.

MPI/Pro provides professional message passing for high-performance, parallel cluster computing, commonly called Beowulf Systems. MPI/Pro improves the performance of clusters running applications such as CFD simulation, weather modeling, financial modeling, image processing, seismic exploration, and protein folding. MPI/Pro is based on the Message Passing Interface standard, the de facto industry and academic standard for parallel programming. MPI/Pro offers increased performance, between 10-50% over other parallel middleware on a number of real-world applications.

“We’re excited to see two of our key software products, Felix and MPI/Pro, running on a production quality InfiniBand cluster. There is a lot of talk about people using InfiniBand, but this is an example of a real production cluster,” said MSTI CEO, Jennifer Skjellum.

About the CCSR IceBerg Cluster
The CCSR “IceBerg” cluster consists of: 16 dual nodes (RackSaver RS-1100 chassis) - each with Dual Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz, 533FSB, Intel E7501 chipset, 8MB video onboard, 10/100 and GE NIC onboard, RedHat 8.0, 2GB RAM, 40GB HDD, connected with both a 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch as well as 4x InfiniBand®: 24-port Mellanox InfiniBand switch and Dual port 4x Mellanox InfiniBand HCA cards.

MSTI’s Felix is a comprehensive cluster management tool, enabling system administrators and end-users to take full advantage of high-performance hardware, open-source products and proprietary software.

About The Mississippi State University Center for Computer Security Research (CCSR)
The Mississippi State University Center for Computer Security Research (CCSR) is dedicated to the scientific exploration of computer vulnerabilities with the objective of improving prevention and detection techniques through research. The CCSR is organized in the Department of Computer Science as a framework within which the faculty and students can work and publish. More information on CCSR is available at

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