MPI Software Introduces Cycles@Work for Linux

7/18/2003 - MPI Software Technology, Inc., the leading provider of high performance middleware products and related services, announces the release of Cycles@Work 1.0 for Linux.

Cycles@Work is a distributed batch scheduling and resource management system designed for clusters of workstations/servers running the Linux operating system. Cycles@Work was conceived, designed and developed from the ground-up, by MPI Software Technology, Inc., in order to create an open standards based, scalable, and robust job scheduling system that provides an easy and consistent interface to heterogeneous cluster resources to the end users as well as administrators.

Cycles@Work architecture and implementation is based on contemporary open distributed systems principles. Consequently, Cycles@Work takes advantage of state-of-the-art distributed technologies such as CORBA, Java, and XML. Cycles@Work consists of a set of distributed CORBA services, which collectively manage the entire cluster and automate user batch job processing on the cluster. Cycles@Work services can operate in a completely decentralized manner, which allows distributing the service workload uniformly among several different servers across the cluster. Cycles@Work includes advanced graphical, Web, and command line tools that help the cluster users and administrators in effectively using and managing their clusters.

General Features

Pricing and Availability
Cycles@WorkTM 1.0 is available on key Linux platforms. To find out more about our pricing, go to our website at or contact our sales department at

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