Navy Awards NewMonics Contract for Hard Real-Time Java

7/17/2003 - NewMonics, Inc. was awarded a U.S. Navy contract to implement the integration of hard and soft real-time Java components for the large software systems targeted by the Navy's Open Architecture Computing Environment (NOACE). The purpose of Navy Open Architecture (NOA) is to evolve Navy surface ship warfighting systems from the current status quo toward a unified Navy product line composed on a common computing environment (e.g. NOACE), a common set of warfighting functions shared across many platforms, and unique sets of warfighting functions associated with each ship class.

"Portability and scalability of real-time software components bring reduced development and maintenance costs and improved functionality to defense community software systems," states Kelvin Nilsen, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of NewMonics. "The goal of Navy Open Architecture is to reuse the same code across many different platforms, including special-purpose processors, the full spectrum of modern commercial off-the-shelf processors, and yet-to-be-invented future processors. Real-time Java components integrate with a variety of different real-time operating systems in both dedicated and multi-functional systems."

"This investment by the defense community in dual-use, hard real-time Java technologies allows NewMonics to expand the reach of Java to performance and footprint critical domains previously dominated exclusively by Ada and C," commented David McCrabb, NewMonics' CEO. "This work lays the foundation for increasing the amount of Java in both defense and commercial applications. In the telecommunications arena, for instance, we are now fielding inquiries from telecommunication equipment manufacturers who desire to expand the management-plane benefits realized with the PERC firm real-time virtual machine into the hard real-time domains of the network infrastructure control and data planes."

The Open Group's Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum ( has recently undertaken to establish standards for safety-critical and hard real-time mission-critical Java that combine the strengths of the J Consortium's "Real-Time Core Specification" and the Java Community Process's "Real-Time Specification for Java." The J Consortium's "Real-Time Core Specification" outlines the general approach to be followed in this Navy-sponsored research and development effort. The Open Group is working with the U.S. Navy, NewMonics, and many other commercial and defense interests to ensure that these standards will be endorsed both by Sun Microsystems' Java Community Process and by the International Standards Organization (ISO). In partnership with Aonix, a leading supplier of embedded development technologies for the military and aerospace markets, and with funding support from the U.S. Navy and other prospective hard-real-time Java users, NewMonics intends to provide the reference implementations for these emerging Open Group standards.

This integration of hard and soft real-time Java components will result in a new family of mission-critical products that will complement NewMonics' PERC virtual machine. With these developments, Java-based technologies will be able to meet the demands of performance- and footprint-critical applications common to defense, aerospace and telecommunications.

About NewMonics, Inc.
NewMonics provides advanced Java-compatible solutions for today's most complex and robust embedded systems. At the heart of the development environment is NewMonics' revolutionary PERC virtual machine, which was architected from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of emerging embedded applications in fields such as fleet telematics, network infrastructure, military/aerospace, and advanced industrial automation. The PERC platform includes compilers, tools, and libraries for Intel and Power PC microprocessors running on most popular real-time operating systems.

NewMonics Professional Service Division provides expertise in commercial and consumer telematics, design and implementation of advanced applications frameworks, and specialized applications of PERC.

Founded in 1996, NewMonics is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. To learn more about NewMonics, visit or call 520-323-9011.

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