OSE Forms New Company to Develop Turnkey Embedded Solutions

7/16/2003 - OSE Systems, a subsidiary of Enea Data (SAXESS: ENEA), announced that it has joined forces with Enea Data’s subsidiaries, Enea Realtime and Enea TekSci consulting to become Enea Embedded Technology. Operating as a subsidiary of Enea Data, Enea Embedded Technology will provide turnkey embedded solutions that combine the OSE Real-Time Operating System (RTOS), OSE development tools, and other off-the-shelf components with custom integration, consulting, and training services. The company will focus on complex, distributed and high-availability applications like telecom and datacom infrastructure, automotive, industrial automation, and mil/aero, as well as wireless devices. Headquarters will be located in Stockholm, Sweden, and San Diego, CA, USA.

“Enea Data, and its subsidiaries, OSE Systems and TekSci, have long recognized the potential synergy between products and services,” said Ola Berglund, CEO of Enea Embedded Technology. “To further that synergy, and build upon the success that OSE has already achieved as the pre-eminent telecom RTOS, Enea is combining all of its embedded products and services under a single company brand, Enea Embedded Technology. This close coupling of products and services will enable Enea Embedded Technology to offer a turnkey embedded solution with full lifecycle support that makes it easier for embedded developers to meet ever shrinking time-to-market windows and profitability.”

According to Venture Development Corporation, 51.6% of embedded development projects finish behind schedule, with an average overrun of 3.8 months. The delays are even bigger for large, complex applications like telecom/datacom and military/aerospace.

“Our top priority will be providing a product platform and support infrastructure that helps our customers get their applications to market on time,” continued Berglund. “The OSE RTOS, together with our development tools, networking, security and Polyhedra data base, provide the off-the-shelf platform developers need to hit the ground running on complex projects. Add to that 160-plus real-time engineers providing highly efficient training, consulting, and support, and you have more than just a supplier. You have a partner that will help you move your project along every step of the way, from training, development, and integration, to target deployment, maintenance and upgrades.”

About Enea Embedded Technology
Enea Embedded Technology is a leading provider of real-time operating systems, development tools, and services for fault-tolerant, high-availability, and safety-critical embedded systems. Enea Embedded Technology owns and markets the OSE real-time operating system. OSE is used in millions of products worldwide, including distributed communication systems (such as communication infrastructure or mobile phones), avionics, medical, automotive, and industrial control systems. Enea Embedded Technology is a subsidiary of Enea Data (SAXESS: ENEA), which is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Employing nearly 600 people worldwide, Enea Data provides products, services, and training for a variety of real-time embedded, IT and e-business applications. Customers include industry leaders, such as Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, Agere Systems, Sony, and Boeing. For more information on Enea Embedded Technology, please visit www.ose.com. For more information on Enea Data please visit www.enea.com.

OSE is a registered trademark of Enea Embedded Technology.

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