VMETRO Licenses CATC's Expert PCI Express Protocol Analyzers

7/16/2003 - Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC) (Nasdaq: CATZ), a leading communications protocol expert company, and VMETRO, a leading supplier of PCI and VME bus analyzers, have entered into an OEM Distribution Agreement whereby VMETRO will sell the CATC PETracer(TM) family of PCI Express protocol analyzers. This exclusive agreement enables both companies to leverage their individual strengths to deliver a superior line of PCI Express design and validation tools.

VMETRO was founded in 1986 with the invention of the Bus Analyzer. Today VMETRO is recognized as the leading supplier of Bus Analyzers for VME, PCI, PCI-X, PMC and CompactPCI. VSYSTEMS, a distributor subsidiary of VMETRO, has an established relationship with CATC selling its extensive line of protocol analyzers in Europe. Under the terms of the OEM agreement, VMETRO will license CATC's PCI Express hardware and software designs for worldwide distribution under the VMETRO name. This will allow VMETRO to quickly expand its line of PCI-based bus analyzers and expand its existing relationship with CATC.

"CATC has a superior line of protocol analyzers for the PCI Express market. After careful consideration, VMETRO chose to work with CATC to deliver a PCI Express solution that will complement our existing products," stated Jim Gerberman, president of VMETRO, Inc. "This OEM agreement is a natural extension of the ongoing relationship we currently have with CATC through our subsidiary, VSYSTEMS."

"VMETRO is a leader in the PCI market, with a strong reputation for delivering quality products and services. Their global presence will help accelerate the adoption of CATC's products in the PCI Express market," said Dan Wilnai, president and CEO of CATC. "CATC has a tradition of delivering sophisticated design and validation tools early in the standards lifecycle. We were the first to deliver a PCI Express analyzer and will continue to deliver leading edge solutions to assist early adopters in accelerating their products' time-to-market."

The PETracer family includes the original PETracer analyzer that captures and analyzes x1 links and the PETracer ML(TM) multi-lane analyzer system, which offers full bi-directional capture, decoding and analysis of x8, x4, x2 or x1 PCI Express links. The PETracer product family blends sophisticated functionality with practical features to help engineers speed the development of PCI Express IP cores, semiconductors, bridges, switches and systems.

VMETRO first pioneered the concept of the Single Board Bus Analyzer when introduced in 1986. VMETRO is currently offering its fourth generation VMEbus Analyzer and fifth generation PCI-X/PCI Analyzer, both incorporating advanced features developed in cooperation with customers all over the world. VMETRO provides board-level products for high-performance embedded real-time systems, based on open architectures like VMEbus, PCI-X/PCI, RACE++/RACEway and Fibre Channel. VMETRO's family of ready-to-run VMEbus-based recording subsystems offer up to Terabytes of real-time permanent recording or playback of high-speed digital data. Continuous recording at rates up to 240 MB/s can be performed for minutes or even hours, limited only by the capacity of the disk storage system. VMETRO's main customers are system integrators and OEMs from among leading companies in the aerospace, military and telecommunications industries, as well as manufacturers of medical diagnostics and seismic equipment, and within R&D. VMETRO has subsidiaries in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, called VSYSTEMS. The VSYSTEMS companies are distributors selling VMETRO products as well as complementary products from other bus/board manufacturers. VMETRO also has independent distributors in various countries throughout the world, including Israel, Japan and Australia. For more information regarding VMETRO and its products, please visit http://www.vmetro.com

About CATC
Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC) is a global communication protocols expert company, providing test and measurement solutions for Computer I/O, Storage and Networking protocols, enhancing productivity and time to market. CATC develops, manufactures and markets advanced protocol analysis expert systems for established and emerging digital communications standards including Bluetooth, Fibre Channel, IEEE 1394, InfiniBand, PCI Express, SCSI, Serial ATA and USB. Semiconductor, device, system and software companies use CATC's products during each phase of their products' lifecycles from development through production and market deployment. CATC's expert protocol analysis systems allow customers to monitor communications traffic, diagnose design and operational problems and confirm interoperability and standards compliance. Technicians also use CATC's test and analysis products on production lines and for maintenance of deployed systems and networks. CATC was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. For more information regarding CATC and its products, please visit http://www.catc.com

CATC, Computer Access Technology Corporation PETracer and PETracer ML are proprietary marks of Computer Access Technology Corporation. PCI Express is a trademark of PCI-SIG.

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