OSA Supports AMD Opteron with Intelligent Platform Management Interface

7/16/2003 - OSA Technologies, Inc., the only Independent Software Vendor (ISV) dedicated to Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) software and firmware for the global server, blade, telecommunications, networking, and storage marketplace, announced that OSA’s IPMI products are shipping pre-integrated into AMD OpteronTM platforms being offered through AMD’s Validated Server Program (VSP).

Through the VSP, Celestica, a world leader in the delivery of electronics manufacturing services (EMS), is integrating OSA IPMI firmware in its server program featuring AMD technology. This provides customers with “Last Mile” management software offering remote management, monitoring, diagnostics and recovery at different phases of a system lifecycle: pre-boot, OS-present, and OS-unresponsive.

OSA IPMI Building Blocks for White Box Channels
By leveraging OSA’s existing IPMI Building Blocks and market relationships, Solution Providers, VARs and SIs can now deliver pre-integrated, ready-to-use server management software for the VSP platforms, 4U/4P A8440 and the 1U/2P A2210. OSA is providing Celestica with IPMI firmware and its latest IPMI Drivers for Linux. Finally, OSA Server Manager v3.0, supporting WindowsÒ 2003 and Linux, is also provided. Together, these IPMI building blocks can be used to brand and package a complete ‘Top-to-Bottom’ IPMI-enabled server management software solution, supporting new business opportunities like Remote Server Monitoring and Management Services.

"Adding IPMI manageability can help to enhance the appeal of a server platform," commented Jeffrey Hewitt, Principal Analyst for Servers Worldwide at Gartner Dataquest. "By providing the whitebox channel with the building blocks offered through this arrangement, vendors can create differentiated platform management solutions that let them meet important manageability needs of customers."

About the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
IPMI defines a common interface to how vendors monitor their system hardware and sensors (temperature, voltage, fan, etc.), control system components (power, blades, etc.), log important system events (chassis intrusion, CPU performance, etc.), to allow administrators to remotely manage and recover failed systems. IPMI standardizes the way embedded management subsystems communicate with systems such as, the CPU, other embedded management subsystems and remote management applications. IPMI v1.5 recently added the ability to access system information over a LAN even without the OS being present – providing true, ‘Last Mile’ manageability. IPMI also complements and extends other management standards like CIM, SNMP, WMI, SMBIOS and ASF to support ‘Last Mile’ manageability. Since 1998, more than 150 vendors have adopted IPMI. This industry-wide support together with IPMI’s capabilities make it an ideal fit for data centers, local campuses and distributed organizations - easing the way IT manages remote servers, blades and other network-attached devices.

OSA’s IPMI firmware and software solutions, available worldwide, are designed to be easily integrated into system vendors’ products. In addition to supporting IPMI mandatory and optional features, products can also be tailored to meet individual customer needs for differentiation. OSA software solutions support Windows and Linux platforms.

“The OSA IPMI solution will provide our shared customers a new level of system manageability across 32- and 64-bit platforms for servers and workstations based on AMD Opteron processors,” said Ben Williams, AMD’s director of the Server/Workstation Business Segment, Microprocessor Business Group. “By being able to monitor systems across the network IT customers can increase reliability and decrease downtime.”

Using the industry-wide IPMI Conformance Test Suite (ICTS), OSA also ensures IPMI compliance across the entire ecosystem of partners it works with, from silicon vendors to board and system manufacturers. The company is working closely with leading CPU, chipset, and Gigabit Ethernet vendors to support their next generation silicon and reference platforms with IPMI firmware. With OSA providing the expert IPMI software and firmware capabilities, silicon vendors, board manufacturers, device and server manufacturers can focus on their core competencies.

“Our new channels provide proof of the momentum behind IPMI,” said Mark Lee, CEO and President of OSA. "By enabling the White box channel, OSA and Celestica are helping to drive the standardization of IPMI in servers, blades, telecom, networking, and storage industries. The standard manageability that IPMI provides helps ensure IT and data centers realize a reduction in TCO, and helps fulfill the promise of virtualization and automation.”

About OSA Technologies
OSA Technologies, Inc. provides embedded platform management solutions to the global server, blade, telecommunications, networking, and storage marketplace. It is the only Independent Software Vendor dedicated to IPMI software and firmware. OSA's solutions are well entrenched through partnerships with major silicon vendors, system and design manufacturers, and branded OEMs. Building on its first mover advantage, OSA has strategically set up sales, research and development centers in San Jose, Taipei and Shanghai to more closely meet the IPMI needs of system vendors worldwide. Ultimately, OSA gives IT end-users a centralized method to manage a server's complete health, including Last Mile remote management and recovery capabilities. System vendors are currently shipping OSA-enabled products worldwide. Co-founded in 2000 by a former Intel team, the company has secured a combined $20 million in funding from strategic investors including, AsiaVest, FAT Capital, Foxconn, Intel Capital, Storm Ventures, Sycamore Ventures, and other strategic investors. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California. More information about OSA can be found at www.osatechnologies.com.

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