P-Cube Becomes Subscriber Aware with TimesTen Real-Time Processing

7/16/2003 - TimesTen, Inc., a provider of infrastructure software for real-time event processing, announced that P-Cube Inc., the originator of programmable IP Service Control solutions, has selected TimesTen to help expand the scalability of their solutions. The TimesTen® Real-Time Event Processing System will support P-Cube's "subscriber aware" capabilities, providing the performance to allow real-time analysis and control of application services at the individual subscriber level. P-Cube chose TimesTen for its exceptional performance, particularly with high-concurrency applications—when multiple users need to access and share the same data simultaneously—as well as the company's proven track record in delivering real-time performance and continuous availability to a wide array of telecom applications. Faced with a tight development schedule, TimesTen's standards-based interfaces allowed P-Cube to integrate the TimesTen system in only three weeks.

P-Cube's Service Control network elements serve as the intelligent programmable layer on top of the basic IP transport network, enabling operators to understand their network application-level usage, control abusive applications and users, dedicate bandwidth to support new services such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Video on Demand (VoD), and generate accurate application-and-user-level reporting for their billing systems. Utilizing P-Cube's solutions, for the first time carriers can selectively control application usage patterns, such as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) in order to improve network utilization and better monetize their networks by implementing new application-based service offerings.

"Our success in delivering Service Control solutions to the marketplace has required us to consider more scalable database options for our subscriber management system," said Michael Ben-nun, CTO, P-Cube Inc. "After evaluating several commercial options, TimesTen was the clear standout in performance. By outsourcing the data management to TimesTen, we are able to maintain focus on our core business objectives and the development of our IP Service Control solutions. Because TimesTen is committed to industry-standard APIs, we could also integrate the two systems together very quickly, which was a real bonus," added Ben-nun.

"P-Cube's solution focuses on what service providers care about most in this economy—how to better understand their customers so they can develop new services to improve average revenue per user and reduce churn," said Jim Groff, CEO, TimesTen, Inc. "Service providers should find strong benefits from P-Cube's scalable Service Control solution which has the performance to tackle, contain, and overcome many of the problems inside IP networks that get in the way of profitability," added Groff.

Within the P-Cube solution, TimesTen is employed in the Subscriber Manager and captures subscriber and policy data. This information is derived from metering network usage and is inserted into TimesTen. Simultaneously, other applications and processes are reading from TimesTen to ascertain what policies to enforce, often based on the data that was just inserted. TimesTen's high concurrency capabilities are key to letting this happen in parallel, which ensures P-Cube's solutions are "subscriber aware" and enable the ability to apply appropriate policies in real time.

About P-Cube, Inc.
P-Cube's technology, products, and solutions are speeding the evolution of networks from generic transport mechanisms to multi-service delivery platforms. P-Cube Service Control solutions overlay intelligence and control on existing IP transport networks - enabling service providers to analyze, bill, and control content-based services. The Service Engine family of products provides stateful deep packet inspection in a programmable, yet easy to use, network resident device. For the service provider, P-Cube's solutions achieve service flexibility, reduce operational costs, drive revenues, and increase profits. P-Cube's top-tier customers include SingTel, Telenor, @NetHome, KT, and Interoute.

Founded in May 1999, P-Cube is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with R&D facilities in Israel, and regional sales offices located in the US, Europe, and Asia. For more information about P-Cube please visit http://www.p-cube.com or e-mail: info@p-cube.com.

About the TimesTen Real-Time Event Processing System
The TimesTen Real-Time Event Processing System is infrastructure software that enables very high performance event-processing applications to capture, store, use and distribute information in real-time, while preserving transactional integrity and continuous availability. Although built on a unique internal architecture that's optimized for memory-resident operations, the interfaces to TimesTen are all standards-compliant, delivering superior price/performance, flexibility and carrier-grade availability.

About TimesTen, Inc.
TimesTen provides infrastructure software for real-time event processing—a fundamental requirement of time-critical applications used by Wall Street firms and global telecom providers. Systems built with TimesTen inside are instantly responsive, highly reliable, and able to process massive transaction volumes. Cisco, Lehman Brothers, Nokia, and Sprint are among the customers who rely on TimesTen's software and expertise to create a unique advantage in a rapidly changing market. For more information, visit www.timesten.com.

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