Advantech Launches New Ethernet to Fiber Network Converter

7/16/2003 - In view of resolving data transmission in long-distance applications and noisy environments, Advantech is introducing ADAM-6541 and ADAM-6542, an industrial-grade Ethernet to fiber optic solution designed to convert Ethernet to fiber network. Fiber optic network offers extensive bandwidth and anti-noise disturbance features, providing long-distance data transmission between the central office and remote site. Therefore, ADAM-6541 and ADAM-6542 provide the ideal cost-effective solution for "fiber to building" applications.

The ADAM-6541 is empowered with high-speed transmission capabilities, including a switch controller that detects the transmission speed automatically. Both the Ethernet and fiber ports have memory buffer that support store-and-forward mechanism, assuring that data is transmitted properly. Moreover, the ADAM-6541 incorporates robustness in an extremely compact size design. It supports unregulated voltage range from +10~30 VDC, allowing its application in any harsh operating environment. Its compactness facilitates flexible mounting via DIN rail, panel, and piggyback.

The ADAM-6542 integrates all the features of ADAM-6541 mentioned above, with an additional benefit of data transmission via WDM single strand fiber. It adopts WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology that enables signal transmission and reception at different wavelengths on a single strand cable, further enhancing the information-carrying capacity of fiber. Advantech's ADAM-6542 replaces the traditional dual fiber converter to reduce cabling cost and provide users with boundless transmission.

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