Out with Growth from Consolidation, In with Technology Augmentation

7/15/2003 - Competitive advantage and market share attainment for many keyboard and keypad suppliers will come down to the ability to outdo the competition on several points and capabilities.

According to VDC analyst John Gordon, "The key to growth in the near term is in partnering with those that provide the value-add components you don't. Whether it be printed circuit boards, cable, plastics, EM switches, flex circuits, off-shore single unit high volume (SUHV) manufacturing, touch screen technology - if you don't make it, ally with someone who does."

Successful Strategies to Garnering Share & Achieving Growth

The one-two punch delivered by economic slowdown and continuing price-based competition in several key vertical sectors wreaked havoc on the revenue front for many vendors of keyboards and keypads shipping to the North American market:

The trend toward consolidation has let up to some degree lately as serious economic slowing has put a halt to many plans of growth through acquisition and (expensive) new market penetration.

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