I-Logix to Penetrate Embedded Systems Market in Japan

7/14/2003 - I-Logix, a leading provider of system design and software development solutions, announced the company’s major expansion program in the Japanese embedded systems marketplace for its award winning Rhapsody® family of products.

Rhapsody is a Unified Modeling LanguageTM (UMLTM) compliant, systems design and application development platform with a unique Model Driven Architecture (MDA) design paradigm that is specifically well suited for Concurrent Development environments.

After an in-depth analysis, I-Logix concluded that the Japanese market was on the verge of a tremendous increase in the adoption of system and software design solutions and, as a result, the company had initiated an extensive search for additional partners that had the market knowledge and skilled resources to expand the distribution of Rhapsody. And, today the company is delighted to announce that Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation has agreed to resell the Rhapsody product family in Japan and Communication and Technology Systems (CATS) has agreed to a strategic alliance that would allow them to provide I-Logix products to their customers.

Additionally, I-Logix has hired its first Japan-based employee, a seasoned senior embedded systems application technologist to support these new partners and to establish the foundation of the company’s direct presence in the region.

Embedded development and design activities in Asia are intensifying and although Japan has a very strong industrial and market foundation in embedded system development, market research studies indicate a significant increase in the use of software to differentiate product features and a corresponding significant increase in the need for tools to automate the software design process.

"It is our belief that the Japanese market is on the verge of explosive growth in the use of embedded software to differentiate product flexibility and functionality, coupled with the need to address the dramatic increase in product complexity that has resulted in significant pressures on companies to move away from traditional hand coding," states Gene Robinson, president and CEO, I-Logix. "The adoption of model-driven architecture (MDA) and team collaboration will be critical requirements for success in this industry, requirements that our Rhapsody family of products fully address and why we are making such a concerted effort in this market," he added.

I-Logix Rhapsody uniquely combines a graphical programming paradigm with advanced systems design and analysis capabilities and seamlessly links with the target implementation language (C++, C, JavaTM or Ada), resulting in a complete model-driven development environment, from requirements capture through analysis, design, implementation and test. Rhapsody dramatically boosts productivity and dramatically improves team collaboration, quality and re-use, which leads to significantly compressed development cycles.

I-Logix has had a strong presence in the Japanese market for the past 8 years for its Rhapsody and Statemate® products through its long-term partnership with Itochu Techno-Science Co., Ltd. While I-Logix is expanding its distribution channels in Japan, in recognition of the strong relationship and the success of Itochu Techno-Science’s sales and support efforts, I-Logix intends to not just retain but to grow its Itochu partnership.

In addition to expanding its partners and alliances and establishing a direct presence in Japan the company expects additional hires over the next 18 months as its Japanese business grows and also, shortly, to launch in Japan, iNotion, a Product Lifecycle Management Portal specifically designed for software applications.

About Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation
Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) Corporation is a comprehensive information service provider that is headquartered in Kawasaki, with 24 service and sales centers throughout Japan. For over 35 years, Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) has been a consistent front-runner providing a wide range of services through its six business groups, including software sales, support, engineering, and system integration expertise. Toshiba Information Systems (Japan) provides its customers with the leading software solutions from around the world. The company is mainly engaged in the three major solution areas of "embedded system solutions", "system integration solutions" and "web solutions". Especially, "Embedded system solutions" a System Integrator for Embedded System (SIES) and actively support customers based mainly on Toshiba RISC Processors (TX RISC Series).

About Communication and Technology Systems (CATS)
Founded in 1973 and headquartered in Yokohama, Japan, Communication and Technology Systems (CATS) is a total solution provider that develops and markets the industry leading ZIPCÔ CASE tool. In addition, CATS provides consulting, deployment and support services to the Japanese embedded marketplace. ZIPC, used extensively throughout the Japanese market, models embedded systems with the CATS’ Extended Hierarchical State Machine paradigm. ZIPC bridges high-level CASE tools and low- level debug tools and provides a seamless environment for each of the analysis, design, and testing phases.

About I-Logix
Founded in 1987, I-Logix is a leading provider of solutions for systems design through software development focused on real-time embedded applications. These solutions allow engineers to graphically model the behavior and functionality of their embedded systems, analyze and validate the system and automatically generate production quality code in a variety of languages. In 2002, I-Logix introduced an enterprise level Product Lifecycle Management Portal that enables users to easily cope with the enormous amount of information that is generated as a product is designed, developed, and marketed.

I-Logix was one of the seven founding companies of the Unified Modeling LanguageTM (UMLTM), is a member of the Object Management GroupTM (OMGTM), the Bluetooth SIG, the International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE), and a founding member of the Embedded Linux Consortium. I-Logix. I-Logix is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts and has sales and support centers throughout North America, Europe, and the Far East. I-Logix can be found on the Internet at http://www.ilogix.com.

Rhapsody and Statemate are registered trademarks of I-Logix Inc. I-Logix and the I-Logix logo are trademarks of I-Logix Inc. OMG marks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks, service marks and/or certification marks of Object Management Group, Inc. registered in the United States.

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