Ramtron Provides FRAM for Promise Technology's Stand-Alone RAID Systems

7/9/2003 - Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq:RMTR), the leading developer of nonvolatile FRAM memory products, announced that Promise Technology Inc. has selected the company’s ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) for use in its stand-alone RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) controllers. Promise Technology, the world’s leading manufacturer of IDE/ATA RAID solutions, has chosen Ramtron’s 3-volt, 256-kilobit, FM18L08 for its fast write capability, small footprint and cost effectiveness. In the application, FRAM stores RAID transaction logs and other non-volatile data, writing virtually non-stop and preserving its data state even if the power goes out – a feature inherent to all FRAM products. Promise Technology holds 87% of the world market for IDE/ATA and RAID controller solutions according to Dataquest, a leading industry research firm.

“Ramtron’s FM18L08 addresses our need for rapid re-writes and iron clad nonvolatility in the event of power loss, which ultimately enhances data protection in our RAID solutions,” said Chi-Chen Wu, vice president of engineering for Promise Technology, Inc. “FRAM provides us with a unique combination of high-performance features while reducing our system cost and lowering our component count.”

“Promise Technology’s use of the FM18L08 is a testimony to FRAM’s highly reliable operation,” said Mike Alwais, Ramtron vice president of FRAM products. “The 18L08’s feature set is ideal for demanding RAID applications, and FRAM’s adoption by a leader like Promise Technology underscores FRAM’s continued acceptance by top RAID system manufacturers.”

The FM18L08 is ideal for applications requiring frequent or rapid writes and data protection in the event of power loss. Other end applications for FRAM include office equipment, such as laser printers, business telephones, and photocopiers; industrial equipment, including all types of process controls and metering; as well as telecom/networking configuration storage and network status information systems.

About FM18L08
The FM18L08 is the world's first commercial nonvolatile memory to feature virtually unlimited endurance, eliminating the reliability concerns, functional disadvantages and system design complexities of battery-backed SRAM. With its unlimited access cycles, FRAM provides any combination of volatile and nonvolatile storage, replacing both SRAM and EEPROM in the end system without the typical disadvantages. Ramtron’s 3-volt FRAM memory product line includes the FM24CL64, FM24CL16, and FM25CL64. For more information please visit Ramtron’s product homepage at http://www.ramtron.com/products/producthome.htm

About Promise Technology, Inc.
Promise Technology is the originator and global leader of ATA RAID, using cost-effective ATA technology and now its latest evolution, Serial ATA, to design and manufacture fast, reliable data protection and storage alternatives to SCSI RAID systems. With its history of ATA product and technology development, Promise Technology is the recognized world leader in ATA controllers, ATA RAID cards and ATA RAID subsystems. Promise Technology maintains ongoing product development relationships with leading ATA hard drive manufacturers and server and storage OEMs. Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, the company maintains offices in Europe, Taiwan, and China. For more information, visit Promise Technology's website at http://www.promise.com. Contact: Jackie Zerbst, MPowered PR for Promise Technology, 714-998-3448, e-mail:jackie@mpoweredpr.com

About Ramtron
Ramtron is the world leader in ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) products -- new high-performance nonvolatile memories that merge the benefits of many mainstream memory technologies into a single device. For more information about Ramtron and its products, contact: Communications Department, Ramtron International Corporation, 1850 Ramtron Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, 80921. Telephone is 800-545-FRAM (3726); FAX is 719-481-9294; E-mail address is info@ramtron.com. Homepage is http://www.ramtron.com.

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