Discretix Unveils Embedded CryptoCell Security Solution for OSE RTOS

7/7/2003 - OSE Systems, Inc., a leading vendor of operating systems for the mobile phone market, and Discretix Technologies Ltd., a leading supplier of advanced embedded security solutions for mobile devices, have announced the availability of Discretix’s embedded CryptoCellTM security solution for the OSE for Wireless Devices operating system. This integration permits enhanced data security in mobile phones to enable advanced mobile applications and services that require trust, such as digital rights management, mobile commerce, mobile banking, or remote access to corporate networks via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

CryptoCell is a complete security toolbox. It provides a robust, high-performance security solution that meets the mobile phone market’s specific needs. This solution covers all aspects of security – from common security algorithms to security protocols and application interfaces all the way to the protection of sensitive data and software code. It is now available for OSE for Wireless Devices, a specialized real-time operating system for mobile phones.

“Continued growth in the mobile phone market will depend largely on new, resource-intensive applications, such as mobile commerce, corporate network access, or mobile banking. Security is crucial for the success of all these types of services,” said Gal Salomon, CEO of Discretix Technologies. “Our partnership with OSE Systems makes a pre-integrated, secure platform available that perfectly meets the requirements of resource constraint mobile phones.”

Discretix’s CryptoCell security solution for OSE for Wireless Devices will provide end users with secure mobile services without burdening device resources.

“As wireless data services pick up, we see a strong and increasing need for security and cryptography in the wireless market. Resource efficiency is essential for increasing talk time and memory availability. Crypto Cell is a powerful solution that will add significant end-user value for handset manufacturers,” added Eva Skoglund, Product Marketing Manager at OSE Systems. “Together, Crypto Cell and OSE represent a complete operating system and security solution for mobile devices that is highly optimized to match their resource constraints.”

Crypto Cell Embedded Security Solution
CryptoCell integrates into a mobile device’s baseband chip or the application chip to enable support of standard security protocols while providing a combination of low power consumption, high performance, and a small silicon footprint. The hardware components include cryptographic engines for PKI, hash, and symmetric encryption, a random number generator, a bus watcher, and a secure storage mechanism. The software libraries include security protocols and API functions, such as certificate handling and WIM (Wireless Identification Module).

CryptoCell has been highly optimized in terms of system resources (gate count, power consumption, code size, and performance) and integrated as a single cohesive system. The solution is based on four patents related to the different families of algorithms and their hardware implementation. The hardware core, which is confined to a small silicon area, contains a random number generator and hardware acceleration for all three families of algorithms (asymmetric, symmetric, and hash). This broad base lays the foundation upon which the CryptoCell can be customized to deliver both customer specific and standards-based security solutions. The hardware core does not require secure ROM or RAM, which further reduces the device manufacturer’s bill of materials. Moreover, the hardware core can be configured to address the specific needs of both basic and high-end devices.

OSE for Wireless Devices
The OSE for Wireless Devices operating system is a specialized real-time operating system solution for mobile devices. OSE offers the complete range of functionality needed in modern mobile phones, such as efficient power management for longer battery life, memory management for robust performance, and dynamic software updates during run-time, thus providing the basis for new mobile services. OSE is the only commercially available OS that supports distributed, multi-core systems with ARM and digital signal processors typically found in mobile phones. With OSE, manufacturers only need one operating system for the modem and application units, which greatly simplifies mobile phone development and makes these efforts much more profitable.

This integration is now available from Discretix. The first mobile devices based on the integrated solution will be available for end users in Q1, 2004.

About Discretix
As a market innovator in the area of silicon-based security technology, Discretix Technologies provides solutions to mobile device and Smart Card vendors. Discretix offers a complete, robust security solution in an environment in which stringent limits apply to cost, size, and power consumption. Discretix supports all major security protocols, standards, and algorithms and offers semiconductor and device vendors a security toolbox that supports present and future standards-based security requirements. Discretix’s products are based on patent-protected technology that delivers high-performance security within a limited silicon area. Along with a broad range of enabling applications, the technology is delivered as an IP-core that is licensable to semiconductor vendors. For more information about Discretix’s products and solutions, please visit www.discretix.com.

About OSE Systems
OSE Systems is the technological leader in the area of real-time operating systems software and services for the communications market. OSE is also used in safety-critical, high-availability, distributed, and fault-tolerant applications, such as avionics and industrial control. Customers include industry leaders, such as Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, Agere Systems, Sony, and Boeing. OSE is a subsidiary of Enea Data (SAXESS: ENEA). Enea markets and sells services, products, and training in specialized technical arenas, including real-time application development and support for embedded systems as well as IT and e-business solutions. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, Enea employs approximately 600 people worldwide. For more information on OSE, please visit www.ose.com. For more details about Enea, please visit www.enea.com.

CryptoCell is a trademark of Discretix Technologies Ltd.

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