Compuware Integrates DriverStudio 3.0 with Microsoft Visual Studio

7/3/2003 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) announced the general availability of DriverStudio 3.0, a suite of tools that accelerates the driver development life cycle and promotes the development of high-quality Windows device drivers. DriverStudio 3.0 now offers integration with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Integrated Development Environment (IDE) as well as with Visual Studio 6, making device driver development faster and easier. The DriverStudio suite of tools covers the entire driver development life cycle, helping device driver developers write, debug, test and tune high-quality driver code that meets strict quality standards for Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) driver certification.

“While DriverStudio already had device driver debugging nailed, the new features in DriverStudio 3.0 take driver development to a new level,” said John Robbins, co-founder and debugging expert at Wintellect. “The enhancements to TrueCoverage Driver Edition are simply amazing and will make passing WHQL tests even easier and with the updated TrueTime Driver Edition, device driver developers now have a tool that makes device driver performance tuning a breeze.”

New in DriverStudio 3.0, Windows driver developers experience a first-of-a-kind driver development environment that integrates with Visual Studio .NET 2002. DriverStudio components including DriverWorks, DriverNetworks, BoundsChecker Driver Edition, TrueTime Driver Edition and TrueCoverage Driver Edition now plug into Visual Studio .NET 2002 to provide the device driver developer with a robust set of tools addressing the complete driver development life cycle.

DriverWorkbench has been dramatically enhanced in DriverStudio 3.0, to provide integration of Visual SoftICE with the other DriverStudio tools including BoundsChecker Driver Edition, TrueTime Driver Edition and TrueCoverage Driver Edition. Additionally, the DriverStudio Framework tools, DriverWorks and DriverNetworks, plug into the Visual Studio 6 IDE. DriverWorkbench lets device driver developers move from one tool to the other without ever leaving the host environment, making testing, debugging and optimizing device drivers quick and simple.

“The faster we can develop our drivers, the faster we can get our product to market and gain a competitive advantage,” said Neil Cooper, Staff Engineer at ATI Technologies Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative graphics and digital media silicon solutions. “Compuware DriverStudio provides our development teams with a powerful suite of tools that help us find and fix problems quickly, saving us time and money.”

DriverStudio 3.0 introduces a new system-level debugger to the SoftICE family. Visual SoftICE is a two-machine debugger with a multiple-window, configurable and graphical user interface that uses a 32-bit master machine to debug one or more 32-bit or 64-bit target machines. 64-bit processor support includes full support for Intel Itanium and Itanium 2 processors as well as AMD’s Opteron and Athlon64 family of processors. Also, SoftICE now allows users to modify data directly in the watch and locals windows through inline editing. SoftICE now also supports USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse input devices, offering users improved ease of use and greater functionality.

“Microsoft’s continued drive to minimize Windows system outages depends heavily upon high-quality, fully-tested device drivers,” said Al Gillen, Research Director, System Software at IDC. “The integration of DriverStudio 3.0 with the Visual Studio.NET simplifies and speeds the process of developing reliable drivers, while making the DriverStudio 3.0 tool set conveniently accessible from within Visual Studio .NET.”

New in BoundsChecker Driver Edition is BoundsChecker Monitor, a new event reader, which has the capability to view errors as they occur in real-time. When BoundsChecker Monitor receives an error notification, it can either launch an event viewer or packaging the event into a data file, attach it to an e-mail message and send it to a remote developer. BoundsChecker Driver Edition can also now monitor the use of DMA routines and detect improper usage of DMA buffers, adapters, and map registers.

Another new feature in DriverStudio 3.0, TrueTime Driver Edition now lets developers instrument and automatically profile DirectDraw and Direct3D graphic functions as well as NDIS 5.1 miniport drivers. This gives developers the capability to obtain critical performance data for graphics and network drivers.

Enhancements have also been made to TrueCoverage Driver Edition. Coverage analysis can now be performed on drivers without the need for driver source code or symbols. In addition, the code structure can now be graphically displayed as either a two or three dimensional flow graph. Developers who receive drivers from third-party driver developers can now test the driver in the same way as the developer assuring that the entire driver has been tested and free of defects.

“With driver developers continually under tremendous pressure to not only build device drivers faster, but also to pass WHQL certification, it’s critical that they have a reliable set of tools that address the complete driver development life cycle,” said John Carpenter, Product Manager for Compuware DriverStudio. “DriverStudio 3.0 provides a suite of tools that removes the complexity of building Windows device drivers, while reducing the time needed to produce WHQL-certified drivers.”

Also new in DriverStudio 3.0, DriverWorks now offers full support for building USB 2.0 and AVStream drivers. Additionally, the IEEE1394 (Firewire) and PLX9056 Chip Set support has been improved. Also, DriverNetworks now supports Connection Oriented NDIS drivers and wireless IEEE 802.11b drivers.

DriverStudio 3.0 is currently shipping at a U.S. price of $2,499.

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