JasperGold Formal Verification Meets PLX PCI Express

7/3/2003 - PLX Technology (NASDAQ: PLXT), the leading supplier of standard I/O interconnect silicon to the communications, server, storage and embedded-control industries, and Jasper Design Automation announced the two companies have joined forces to bring formal verification to PLX® chips based on PCI ExpressTM technology, via the JasperGoldTM formal verification tool. PLX conducted an extensive evaluation of JasperGold - a complete, user-friendly formal verification solution that can detect 100 percent of the design bugs in most complex electronic design blocks - for PLX's recently announced line of PCI Express-based chips. The two companies also announced that PLX has adopted JasperGold's pre-qualified PCI Express Proof Kits to support PLX's next-generation designs based upon PCI Express.

"PLX Technology has developed a broad array of PCI interconnect silicon products used throughout a multitude of industries and is today also developing PCI Express switch and bridge products," said Mark Lipford, vice president of engineering at PLX. "Our customers demand rock-solid operation, 100 percent compliance with industry specifications and interoperability with a wide variety of other devices. PLX has successfully applied Jasper Design Automation's JasperGold verification tool on multiple development projects, helping PLX meet these high expectations."

"We're seeing a number of our customers leverage the measurable proof-of-quality afforded by JasperGold for a strategic marketing advantage," said Kathryn Kranen, CEO for Jasper Design Automation. "We are delighted that PLX Technology will be able to show their customers that they have verified 100 percent compliance with interface standards and spec-level requirements on which they used JasperGold."

The pioneering use of JasperGold was driven by PLX Technology's commitment to having verification tools and methodologies that deliver first-time design success. With simulation alone, complex corner-case bugs can easily remain undetected until after the availability of silicon prototypes. Not only may it then require several weeks of failure analysis to detect these bugs, but the subsequent silicon re-spin adds to costs, as well as threatening time to market. Consequently, PLX evaluated formal verification tools from six different electronic design automation (EDA) vendors in a rigorous, three-month test.

PLX's PCI-based silicon products have achieved significant penetration into the embedded market, providing essential I/O for a wide array of applications across multiple industries. Through its recently announced PCI Express-compliant, high-speed bridging and switching chips, PLX is paving the way for migration to the increasingly popular next-generation architecture standard. The architecture allows system manufacturers to realize faster time-to-market.

PLX has been developing I/O interconnect devices since 1986. Jasper Design Automation has been developing true formal functional verification solutions since 1999.

About Jasper Design Automation
Jasper Design Automation, formerly Tempus Fugit, was founded in 1999 and is a privately funded Electronic Design Automation (EDA) company with its corporate headquarters located in Mountain View, California. Based on true formal functional verification, the company's breakthrough PreCognitive Formal Verification TechnologyTM begins at the spec-level to deliver 100% exhaustive design requirement proof for today's ultra complex Integrated Circuits. For further information visit: http://www.jasper-da.com.

About PLX Technology
PLX Technology, Inc. (www.plxtech.com), based in Sunnyvale, Calif., USA, is the leading supplier of standard I/O interconnect silicon to the communications, server, storage and embedded-control industries. The PLX solution provides a competitive edge to our customers through an integrated combination of high-performance silicon, hardware and software design tools, and partnerships. These innovative solutions enable our customers to develop equipment with industry-leading performance, scalability and reliability. Furthermore, the combination of PLX product features and supporting infrastructure allow customers to bring their designs to market faster.

PLX and the PLX logo are trademarks of PLX Technology, Inc., which may be registered in some jurisdictions. Jasper Design Automation, the Jasper Design Automation logo, and Tempus Quest are registered trademarks of Jasper Design Automation, Inc.

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