Kada Joins Java Technology for the Wireless Industry as Licensee

7/3/2003 - Kada Systems, a leading independent provider of certified Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) software deployment solutions for mobile solution providers, announced that it has dramatically expanded its capabilities through becoming a Licensee of JRS 185, Java Technology for the Wireless Industry. As part of its license agreement with Sun, Kada has agreed to move all of its implementations to this platform over the next year and support the imperative of assuring a standard, reliable development and deployment platform on which mobile solutions providers can deliver innovative products and services. The JTWI specification, JSR 185, defines the industry standard platform for the next generation of Java technology-enabled mobile phones that includes CLDC, MIDP, and Mobile Media API (MMAPI) and Wireless Messaging API (WMA).

Additionally, Kada has extended its licensing relationship with Sun to include Sun’s CLDC HotSpot Implementation. CLDC HotSpot implementation represents the next generation reference implementation from Sun delivering increased performance with a continued focus on small footprint required by mobile devices.

“Kada Systems customers will now benefit from our ability to assure that they receive the most up-to-date and advanced implementations of J2ME through the Kada Mobile Platform and are assured that Kada will continue to deliver innovative, feature rich solutions to mobile device manufacturers and operating system providers that reduce their time to market and benefit from our being a Sun licensee,” said Jim Acquaviva, CEO of Kada. “As we move forward, our goal is to be the market leader in the delivery of commercial quality J2ME implementations. By combining our expertise in operating systems, chipsets and graphics optimizations with implementations based on the advancements delivered in the CLDC HotSpot Implementation and the full JTWI stack, we bring a richer set of capabilities to our partners. We also look forward to collaborating more closely with Sun Microsystems and the community leveraging the tremendous potential of Java technology.

Kada is a leader in delivering commercial implementations of J2ME, Java Powered and fully optimized the native device capabilities including the native graphical look and feel. The Kada Mobile Platform for J2ME provides a complete and portable environment ready to be optimized for deployment on any mobile device. Kada’s unique blend of Virtual Machine expertise in both independent implementations and ports of the Sun reference implementations position Kada as a leader in commercial quality J2ME implementations. Kada’s relationships with key partners and technology providers such as Cisco Systems, Texas Instruments and Analog Devices have enabled Kada to develop a thoroughly tested and commercial viable approach to natively integrating with device characteristics and optimizing for operating system and chipset capabilities while providing optimal size, efficient use of memory resources and the performance required on advanced mobile communication devices.

About Kada Systems
Kada Systems is shaping the future of distributed mobile computing delivering innovative technologies and solutions with an exclusive focus on the client side. As the leading independent provider of certified J2ME software deployment solutions for mobile solution providers, Kada concentrates its resources on enabling its customers to achieve rapid time to market and maximum return on investment. Kada´s unparalleled Virtual Machine expertise enables Kada to deliver commercial quality J2ME implementations designed to meet the criteria, beyond small size and fast performance that device manufacturers, developers and operating system providers require to go to market quickly. Kada´s JVM solutions provide the industry´s greatest ROI and lowest total cost of ownership. As a licensee of Sun Microsystems’ JavaTM 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), Java Technology for the Wireless Industry and CLDC HotSpot, Kada is actively advancing capabilities for smart handheld and wireless devices. Kada is headquartered in Burlington, Mass. The company has received funding from JK&B Capital. For more information on Kada Systems and its products, visit the company on the Web at www.kadasystems.com.

Kada is a registered trademark of Kada Systems, Inc. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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