Tao Offers Qi Brandable Control Center for Consumer Electronic Devices

7/2/2003 - Tao Group unveiled Qi, its brandable control center for mobile phones and consumer electronic devices. Designed to deliver an entire applications environment and launcher with fast, desktop-quality browsing and multimedia player functionality, Qi gives operators and manufacturers a completely customisable user interface for web access with all the rich audio-visual functionality associated with a product in the intent family.

Programming language independence makes Qi & intent the world’s most open target wireless platform for content creators. C, C++, J2ME and PersonalJava programming languages and advanced scripting and markup languages are fully supported. Content created has cross-device binary portability and can be delivered using either thin or fat client application deployment models. No other software platform available today is so robust in its capabilities or capacity to deliver the breadth of multimedia content required to generate revenues allowing each part of the content food-chain to thrive.

For operators, Qi can be an entire web browsing environment giving added value to users on their network, allowing them to launch applications and experience great multimedia within the umbrella of the network’s name. Operators also have the freedom to outsource this branding to virtual-operators or to large corporate customers who would prefer their fleet users to stay within a branded environment.

For manufacturers, Qi offers a quickly deployed, pluggable, value-add component to enable product differentiation. Because it is based on the intent platform, Qi is scalable across entire device portfolios facilitating a consistent brand experience whatever the device.

The announcement of the addition of Qi to the intent suite also sees the integration of further technology enhancements:

Francis Charig, Chairman & Chief Executive at Tao Group said: "Our emphasis has been on providing an environment to enable the development of the most compelling, revenue generating content by the largest possible development community. It is crazy that content for network operators is developed by engineers when it is clear from what has happened with the delivery of web services to the desktop, that it is the creative types who are required to deliver the quality of content consumers really want and will pay for. The Qi software running on the intent platform delivers on our promises; an open, rich AV environment enabling differentiated products from the device manufacturers and a new level of services for the carriers. Qi is part of the latest iteration of the intent platform which reaches the market with the most powerful multimedia product ever conceived and developed for embedded products."


Full details of Qi and the intent multimedia platform can be found on the Tao website at: http://withintent.biz. A new intent whitepaper is also available for download from the website.

Pricing and availability
A full SDK for intent 2, featuring Qi is already available to major partners and will be made available on more general release in the current quarter – price on application intentSDK@tao-group.com

intent is already being deployed in mobile and consumer electronics devices around the world. These include the mydevice phone from MyOrigo, the PocketCosmo PDA from Kyocera and the award-winning iPronto remote control from Philips.

About Tao Group
Tao has developed intent®, a binary portable, language independent, high performance, multimedia platform that is now used by many of the world’s leading OEMs in their client products for home and mobile networks. The technology allows these companies to have a single strategy across all of their platforms, irrespective of operating system, hardware and function. intent is now being used in products including smart mobile appliances and digital television. The Company was founded in 1992, has offices in the United States, Europe and Japan and counts Motorola, Mitsubishi, Sony, NEC, Kyocera, and Sharp among its investors. Tao has a growing and high value, global patent portfolio and is the recipient of multiple industry awards, both for its technologies and for the rate of corporate growth.

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