Ironwood Releases ZIF Sockets to Allow MLF/QFN Devices to be Socketed

7/1/2003 - Ironwood Electronics’ new high performance ZIF Sockets – SG-MLF-7002 to SG-MLF-7009 allow MLF/QFN devices to be socketed and handle signal bandwidth to 10 GHz. The sockets in this part family can accommodate 36 different MLF packages with a body size from 2X3 mm to 12X12 mm.

The sockets have a pitch independent contactor such that any IC with a given body size can be accommodated. The sockets have a precision design such that the IC is accurately positioned over the connection points by a patent pending centering mechanism. The sockets are constructed with aluminum components for maximum heat dissipation and are only slightly larger than the IC – requiring only 2.5 mm space around the chip and have minimal height of 7.5mm.

The contact resistance is approximately 10 milliohms and the contactor only slightly distorts the solder ball allowing later soldering or socketing of the IC. The IC is placed in the socket and then the compression plate/swivel lid is installed to apply downward force.

Typical Pricing for the sockets SG-MLF-7004 is $222 per 100 and the SG-MLF-7009 is $370 per 100.

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