Ironwood's Prototyping Adapters Enable Quick Prototyping

7/1/2003 - Ironwood Electronics’ new high performance prototyping adapters allow quick prototyping of MLF packaged IC’s with pin counts of 8 to 100 pins. These 37 new prototyping adapters accommodate package sizes from 2X3 mm to 12X12 mm and pitches from 0.4 to 1.27mm.

The adapters route the SMT pads for the MLF/QFN devices to a PGA array of pins on 0.1” centers. The user can wirewrap his pins, map from the wirewrap panel to the IC, Mount the IC, and begin testing. The part is constructed with gold plated solder-tail machined pins for maximum reliability when the adapter is socketed. Optionally the adapters can be supplied with wirewrap pins so the prototype can be built on very inexpensive wirewrap panels.

Typical Pricing for the PA-CLCC is $18 for quantity one.

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